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Enjoy the Beauty of Historic Jamestown

No Virginia guided tour would be complete without a stop at Historic Jamestown. This location is one of the birthplaces of the United States. It features a storied history, archaeological finds, and a ...
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Quick Tips for a Successful Corporate Golf Outing

There are many ways to ensure your next corporate get-together is a success, such as researching the right environments and reserving transportation and sightseeing tours ahead of time. If you are ...
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A Visitor's Guide to Proper Etiquette at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Visitors taking a D.C. guided tour will likely make a stop at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The Memorial, also known as The Wall That Heals, is a beautiful location that allows visitors to reflect on ...
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What All Americans Should Know About Patrick Henry's Famous Speech

One of the most famous lines in American history was spoken during its earliest days before the American Revolution. Patrick Henry, a lawyer and politician in the Continental Congress, delivered an ...
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Catch a Preview of Our DC Tour

Haymarket Transportation is the premium choice for transportation around Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. We offer multiple sightseeing tours, including our famous D.C. guided tour. Watch the ...
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Planning Your Visit to Historic Manassas

Historic Manassas is a must-see location, because it represents the first major battle of America’s Civil War. The First Battle of Manassas, also known as the First Battle of Bull Run, was ...
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Family-Friendly Day Trips Around DC & MD

There are countless sites, museums, and zoos for families to visit around Washington, D.C. and Maryland. The National Zoo, the National Mall, and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello residence are just ...
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Does Your Big Event Need Additional Staff?

There are several types of large events that require multiple staff to deliver food, direct foot and vehicle traffic, and provide guest transportation. Corporate events, weddings, and large reunions ...
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Use These Tips for Your Family Vacations

Your family vacation can include a beach trip, charter bus tours, and visits to famous museums. There are certain tips, however, that can help you plan a great vacation no matter where you choose to ...
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Which of Haymarket's Fleet Vehicles Suits Your Needs?

Haymarket Transportation has an extensive fleet of charter buses, vans, sedans, and limousines. These vehicles can carry group sizes of over 50 people to your customized tour, corporate event, or ...
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Where Should Your Next Tour Go?

If you wish to book a customized tour for your family, friends, or employees, then you need to determine the best places to visit. You can book a Virginia or Washington, D.C. guided tour or travel ...
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How Well Do You Know Haymarket Transportation?

Haymarket Transportation provides much more than charter buses and sightseeing tours. Customers can choose from a variety of services, such as on-site staffing, event coordination, winery tours, and ...
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Fascinating Facts About the Big Apple

There are many reasons to hop on a charter bus to New York City—such as enjoying a sightseeing tour—but you may be surprised to learn some little-known facts about this famous city. Watch ...
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How to Plan a Company Retreat

A company retreat is a great way to bring your employees closer together toward a common goal. Continue reading to learn about the logistics—such as planning transportation—of planning an ...
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Avoid These Mistakes When Staffing Your Event

There are certain mistakes and pitfalls to avoid as your next event approaches. Finalizing transportation needs, catering, and a location are necessary, but you must also choose how to staff your ...
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Day Trips Around Northern Virginia

There are many day trips and locations to visit in and around Northern Virginia. With the right kind of transportation and planning, you can have the trip of a lifetime and go home that evening. Read ...
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Have You Seen These Famous D.C. Sights?

Whether you have been on a D.C. guided tour or never explored Washington, D.C., there are certain sights that you must visit. These famous D.C. sights—from the White House to the National World ...
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You Have the Destination: The Next Steps of Planning a Field Trip

Planning a school field trip can be an exciting endeavor, especially once you have the destination in mind. Teaching your students about your future field trip location will excite them and yourself ...
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Take a Look at Our Many Transportation Services

Haymarket Transportation offers a multitude of services ranging from wedding transportation to customized tours to event staffing. All of these services and more are staffed with dependable, ...
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Visiting Colonial Williamsburg

When you take a Virginia guided tour, you are likely to visit one of the foundational cities of the American Revolution—Colonial Williamsburg. Sometimes known as the Revolutionary City, Colonial ...
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Take in an Aerial View of Monticello

If you wish to see how one of America’s favorite presidents lived, then take a Virginia guided tour to Monticello. This hilltop residence was once home to President Thomas Jefferson, one of ...
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Choosing a Destination for a School Field Trip

Whether you choose a D.C. guided tour or another type of educational tour around the Beltway, there are so many destinations for an exciting school field trip. Continue reading to see how you might ...
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Top Attractions in Lancaster, PA

Lancaster, PA—also known as Amish country—is a couple hours away from destination sites like Philadelphia and New York City. Lancaster has its own history and attractions to offer guests, ...
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Spotlight on Fort McHenry

The birthplace of “The Star-Spangled Banner” is a popular destination spot along Maryland guided tours. These charter buses often stop at Fort McHenry and the surrounding park area to give ...
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Training Pandas at the National Zoo

Bei Bei the panda is one of the newest additions to the National Zoo, and his trainers are teaching him some basics moves. Watch the video for a look behind the scenes of a school field trip or DC ...
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