• The Benefits of Traveling by Charter Bus

    Benefits of Traveling by Charter Bus

    If you are planning a day trip, a field trip, or any kind of excursion with a large group of people, it is typically more convenient for the entire group to travel together. In this type of scenario, it is helpful to utilize the services of a transportation company and travel by bus or limousine. Here are just a few of the benefits of traveling by charter bus.

    One obvious advantage of traveling by charter bus is the large amount of space that it offers. The bigger your group is, the more appropriate a charter bus becomes. This makes charter buses excellent for weddings, sightseeing tours, and company retreats. They are even great for sporting events. Charter buses ensure that your whole group stays together, safe, and on schedule throughout the duration of your event.

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  • Amazing Exhibits at the National Zoo


    With fish, birds, big cats, invertebrates, and more, the National Zoo has an abundance of fascinating and lively animals and exhibits. Whether you are viewing an outdoor or indoor exhibit of a single species or mixed group of animals, each display is mesmerizing and unforgettable. If you are sightseeing at the National Zoo , be sure to check out these exhibits.



    The Amazonia exhibit is meant to portray the wet and amphibious lifestyle of the Amazon River Basin. This exhibit has been open for over 20 years and is the most intricate of all of the exhibits at the National Zoo; it includes an expansive rainforest, a tropical river, and a massive aquarium. This exhibit completes its rainforest simulation with hundreds of trees, plants, and tropical vines. The Amazonia Science Gallery complements this exhibit by offering interesting facts and news about the latest Amazonian research.

    Invertebrate Exhibit

    Many people are unaware of the fact that invertebrates make up as much as 99% of animal life on our planet. Fittingly, the invertebrate exhibit has an expansive variety of creatures to display. The invertebrate exhibit features everything from aquatic animals like the Giant Pacific Octopus and sea stars to creepy crawlers like tarantulas and African millipedes. The blue crab even gets its own spotlight in the Blue Crab and the Bay exhibit, which details its life in the Chesapeake Bay.

    American Trail

    The American Trail is a tour of North American wildlife, pointing out the beautiful diversity it has to offer and encouraging the viewer to help in its protection. Many of the species featured in this exhibit have been endangered, and the National Zoo has been a force that has helped them survive. The American Trail houses a collection of wolves, seals, birds, and sea lions among many others.

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  • Famous Figures Laid to Rest at Arlington National Cemetery


    Some of the nation’s most famous heroes have their final resting place among the sprawling lawns of Arlington National Cemetery. If you are traveling on a charter bus through Northern Virginia , take some time out of your day to visit the cemetery and visit some of its most notable figures:

    Arlington National Cemetery

    President Kennedy’s Grave Site

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, was assassinated on November 22, 1963. The country’s youngest president was buried in Arlington National Cemetery on November 25, 1963, as the nation solemnly watched. President Kennedy’s grave is still one of the most visited in the cemetery .

    The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

    The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, or the Tomb of the Unknowns, is a memorial for an unidentified soldier who was killed during World War I. There are other graves near the sarcophagus to honor unidentified soldiers from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

    The Space Shuttle Memorials

    On February 1, 2003, three astronauts and three crew members died when the Space Shuttle Columbia blew up upon entry. Captain David M. Brown, Captain Laurel Blair Salton Clark, and Lieutenant Michael P. Anderson are buried in the cemetery and a memorial to the crew sits close to their graves.

    The National Women in Service Memorial

    Some of the most notable women who served in the military were also laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. Juliet O. Hopkins, a Civil War Confederate nurse, Jane Delano of the U.S. Army, and Lieutenant Kara Spears Hultgreen of the U.S. Navy all have graves here.

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  • Explore the National Mall with the Help of this App!


    The National Park Service makes it easier than ever to explore one of the nation’s most visited tourist attractions with their National Mall app . You can view maps, check out parks, get directions, learn about sites, discover an interesting tour to take, and stay up-to-date on events and news from one simple location on your iPhone or iPad.

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    Explore the National Mall with this App

  • Iconic Memorials and Monuments on the National Mall


    A bus tour of Washington, D.C ., is not complete without a stop at the National Mall. With some of America’s most notable monuments and memorials, this historical area is full of culture and the true American spirit. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most iconic additions to the National Mall:

    Lincoln Memorial

    The Lincoln Memorial

    As one of the most recognized American monuments, this memorial was erected to honor President Abraham Lincoln. The memorial’s aesthetic appeal and historical significance make it one of the most visited locations in the nation’s capital . It has even been the site of some of America’s most important speeches, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

    The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    This memorial honors all of the members of the American military who served in the Vietnam War. It provides a special location for people to pay their respects to the soldiers who died and those who are still missing. With a beautiful array of pictures, letters, and flowers left by visitors, this memorial is a touching reminder of the sacrifice of service.

    The Washington Monument

    A marble obelisk that spans 555 feet into the skyline is hard to miss, but there is a certain appeal of visiting this monument up close and personal. Take some time to marvel at this architectural feat that was built as monument to the first president of the United States. This monument can be seen from any location within the District of Columbia and truly represents the American Dream.

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