• Exploring the Advantages of Travelling by Charter Bus

    There are many different ways to travel, but there is no mode of transportation that is as comfortable and as convenient as a charter bus . Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of utilizing a charter bus rental for your next big trip:

    Exploring the Advantages of Travelling by Charter Bus - Haymarket Transportation

    It Makes It Easy to Travel in Groups

    If you are planning a group trip, you should be able to travel easily with your group. When you rely on other modes of transportation, you cannot guarantee that you and your group can travel together. If you rent a charter bus, though, you can be sure that you will all travel the same way to your desired destination.

    It Is a Safe Way to Travel

    Charter bus rental companies are licensed and insured, which helps you and your group feel more comfortable throughout the course of your trip. They only hire the most reputable drivers to ensure that you and your group can travel as safely as possible.

    It Is More Cost Effective

    Instead of wasting your whole budget on airplane or train tickets, you and your group can affordably travel by bus. Renting a charter bus for a large group of people is much more cost effective than traveling by any other mode of transportation.

    It Is More Comfortable

    When you travel by charter bus, you do not have to abide by some of the restrictions of other modes of transportation. You can bring the luggage you want and sit comfortably in your seat as you travel to your desired destination.

    At Haymarket Transportation, we want you to have the best experience any time you travel. With our fleet of safe and reliable charter buses, we make it easy to travel in and around Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. We also offer bus tours to help you explore local sights. To learn more about our services or to reserve a charter bus rental , visit us online or call (301) 778-2007.

  • Tips for Planning Your Holiday Trip to NYC

    There is no place like New York City during the holidays. If you and a group are planning to take a charter bus to the Big Apple this winter, use the following tips to ensure that you plan a fun and safe trip:

    Tips for Planning Your Holiday Trip to NYC - Haymarket Transportation

    Make Time for Rockefeller Plaza

    With its infamous tree and outdoor ice-skating rink, Rockefeller Center Plaza should definitely be on your to-do list this winter. Take a trip to the plaza in the morning and one at night to see the beautiful decorations and lights at different times of the day. You might not want to actually skate, though, because the rink is more expensive and more crowded than others in the area. Be sure you dress warmly enough to handle the winter weather in the city.

    Check Out a Holiday Show

    Whether you want to see a new holiday show or a traditional celebration like the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall, you should definitely make time for a holiday show. New York City is one of the best places to check out live theater and it definitely does not disappoint during this holidays. Find a show that you like and buy tickets early.

    Do Some Window Shopping

    From Macy’s to FAO Schwarz, New York City stores go all out during the holidays. Whether you are planning to do some actual shopping or you just want to see all of the amazing displays, you should definitely spend some time window-shopping across the city. If you want to do some real shopping, you should try to avoid the stores on the weekends or in the late afternoon so you do not get stuck in the crowds.

    Haymarket Transportation can help you plan your upcoming trip to New York City. Our charter bus rentals make it easy to travel in and around Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia. To learn more about our bus rentals and bus tour services, visit us online or call (301) 778-2007.

  • Highlights of the Virginia Guided Tour

    Highlights of the Virginia Guided Tour - Haymarket Transportation

    As one of the nation’s oldest areas, Virginia has plenty of amazing sights to see. Keep reading to see what you can expect from a guided tour of this beautiful and historical state:

    The tour leads you down through Old Town Alexandria where you can check out some antique shops, art galleries, and historical landmarks. Travel down to historic Jamestown to learn more about the beginnings of the country. As the tour leads you down to Williamsburg, you can step back in time with some of the most beautiful and traditional displays of American history in the area. Not only will you get to see new parts of the country, but you can also learn more about how the country has developed through the centuries.

    Haymarket Transportation is here to help you travel around Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland in comfort and style. From bus tours to charter bus rentals , we provide the transportation you need for any kind of trip. To learn more about our services and bus tours, visit us online or call (301) 778-2007.

  • Getting the Most Out of Your Trip to the Smithsonian Institution

    Visiting any museum can be an enriching educational experience. However, the Smithsonian has the capability to alter your entire worldview with artifacts and exhibits you will not be able to find elsewhere. Located in Washington, D.C. , it is an essential part of any trip to our nation’s capital. By planning what to do before, during, and after the trip, you can assure that you and your kids will get the most out of your visit to the Smithsonian. 

    Getting the Most Out of Your Trip to the Smithsonian Institution - Haymarket Transportation

    Before the Trip

    Before stepping foot inside the Smithsonian , you can brainstorm specific exhibits and museums to see. For example, if your children have a keen interest in animals, seeing the renowned Giant panda exhibit will be well worth it. Another idea is to find out what they are learning in school, and visit the areas of the Smithsonian that relate to their curriculum.

    During the Trip

    Upon arrival, retrieving a map of the complex will help you plan your day around which parts you and your kids want to see. While walking around, playing fun, educational games is a great way to make it more interactive and engaging for everyone. For example, you could play quintessential games like I Spy or activities that the Smithsonian provides. Lastly, no trip would be complete without a stopover in the gift shop.

    After the Trip

    The learning doesn’t have stop when you leave the Smithsonian. Creating a notebook that details favorite parts of the museum is a great way for kids to further explore their favorite subjects. In addition, there are plenty of online resources about the institution that your kids can visit to learn more.

    Are you and your family planning a trip to Washington, D.C.? Let Haymarket Transportation take care of you. We provide motor coaches, charter buses, and much more to fit your transportation needs. Call us at (301) 778-2007, or visit our website for more information.