Explore Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Explore Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello 1

Many Virginia guided tours near Washington, D.C. feature a stop at the homes of two of the nation’s Founding Fathers: Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington, and Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson.

Monticello, which is just outside of Charlottesville, VA, is a bit further from D.C. than Mount Vernon, but this historic plantation is well worth the trip. More than 40 years in the making, Monticello represents the realization of Jefferson’s architectural dream. Watch this video for a glimpse into the plantation.

To arrange for a charter bus tour of Virginia sites, including Monticello, call Haymarket Transportation today at (301) 778-2007. We offer guided bus tours and day trips from D.C. to sites throughout the region.

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