How Haymarket Transportation Can Help With Your School Trip

How Haymarket Transportation Can Help With Your School Trip 1

Group Of Kids School field trips to Washington, D.C., will be more fun for students and easier for staff and volunteer chaperones if you plan everything with the help of Haymarket Transportation. We can provide completely customized tours of Washington, D.C., including side trips or day trips to surrounding areas. Our charter buses provide comfortable, reliable transportation for your whole group.

School groups have the most fun when there is structure to their time. That way, the students don’t get bored and the teachers and chaperones don’t get as stressed. When you are moving from place to place throughout the day, always seeing something new, the kids don’t have as much time to get lost or make mischief. Haymarket Transportation has extensive experience organizing and planning these types of trips, and our drivers know the best routes to maximize your sightseeing time.

For more information on our educational tour services , call (301) 778-2007 to speak with the knowledgeable, friendly staff at Haymarket Transportation.

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