• Tips for Your First Trip to a Winery

    Winery tours are the perfect day trip, as you can experience new sights and tastes, and learn fascinating things about how wine is made. If you’re visiting a winery for the first time as part of a sightseeing tour or D.C. guided tour , you may want some tips. You can make your winery tour unique, memorable, and fun by following these simple steps.

    Arrange for Transportation

    If you’re going to be drinking wine at various wineries throughout your day trip, you definitely shouldn’t risk driving. Hire professional transportation so that you can relax and have fun at each winery tour without having to battle traffic. If you have a larger group, such as a wedding party, family reunion, or corporate group, you can hire a charter bus to take you to each winery.

    Consider a Customized or Private Winery Tour

    If you’re looking into winery tours to celebrate a special occasion, find out if the winery offers a customized tour or private tour. For large groups, it’s often much more fun to experience a winery without outside distractions. A customized tour or private tour may cost more, but you often also get perks that make up for the extra cost.

    Be Open to Trying New Wines

    Don’t take a winery tour if you hate wine, or if you know you only want to try one specific type of wine. Be open to trying new things, and try to taste each wine that’s offered to you. Take note of what the experts say during your winery tour, as well, as learning about each new wine as you try it is part of the fun.

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  • What Are the Benefits of Providing Transportation to Your Event?

    If you’re holding a wedding, and you have a number of guests coming in from out of town to attend, you may want to consider providing wedding transportation. Part of being an excellent host is providing hotel transportation to and from your guests’ hotel to the rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception, and any other wedding events that you want them to attend. Here are some more benefits of offering wedding transportation.

    Make Sure Guests Show Up On Time

    If you have guests that are notoriously late, you can ensure that they show up on time to each wedding event by providing convenient wedding transportation. This is particularly useful for your wedding party, who may need to be at several different wedding events on time. You can help your wedding party stay calm, relaxed, and refreshed by proving charter bus or limo service to and from your wedding events.

    Keep Everyone Safe

    Wedding transportation can help everyone stay safe while celebrating your happy event. If your guests will be drinking alcohol at your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception, it’s best to provide a sedan service or limo service to transport your guests to and from the events. Rather than risking your guests getting a DUI or having a dangerous accident, you can allow them to party and have fun, while staying safe.

    Help Out of Town Guests Navigate

    When guests travel long distances to attend your wedding, you should do everything you can to make their trip to your wedding venue and reception easy and convenient. If all of your guests are staying at the same hotel, you can easily provide a charter bus or hotel transportation to ensure that they don’t have to navigate unfamiliar streets and stress over traffic.

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  • Take a Day Trip from D.C.

    Washington, D.C. is well situated in the Mid-Atlantic region—there are beaches, cities, historic towns, wineries, and other getaways that are ideal for day trips or longer stays. At Haymarket Transportation, we offer transportation near Washington, D.C ., including charter buses, limousines, vans, and shuttles. We can take you and your friends or family to Shenandoah National Park, where there is hiking, biking, horseback riding, tubing, kayaking, and rafting. It’s less than 75 miles from downtown D.C. The Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets are only 42 miles from downtown D.C., and they offer lots of options from top brands. Only 40 miles from downtown, Baltimore is another popular day trip from D.C., with a world-famous aquarium and the beautiful American Visionary Art Museum.

    Beautiful American Visionary Art Museum

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  • Where Should Your School’s Field Trip Go?

    Washington, D.C. is a phenomenal city for field trips. Children from all around the D.C. area come into the city to visit its museums, parks, beaches, zoos, art galleries, and more. At Haymarket Transportation, we know that transportation for school field trips near Washington, D.C . can be difficult to secure. That is why we offer safe, reliable, and affordable transportation for field trips throughout the entire mid-Atlantic coast. For some ideas on where you can plan a school field trip with Haymarket Transportation, read this article.

    Where Should Your School’s Field Trip Go


    Just up the highway from the Washington, D.C. metro area, Philadelphia is home to historic landmarks such as the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Constitutional Hall. With art galleries, historic buildings, and delicious cheesesteaks, this is an exciting big city for a school field trip.

    New York

    In many respects, no other city in the country compares to New York. In terms of field trip possibilities, the city has everything—sprawling parks, world-famous museums, historic neighborhoods, and activities for all ages. We can organize an overnight bus trip to New York or a day trip.


    Williamsburg, Virginia is a beautiful, fun, and educational destination for a field trip. Colonial Williamsburg is a historic district and living-history museum in Williamsburg with 301 acres of 17 th , 18 th , and 19 th century architecture. It is a major tourist destination with plenty of sites to see on a school field trip.

    Washington, D.C.

    Whether you are looking for a day trip or a multi-day trip, Haymarket Transportation has what you need for a school field trip. The Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies is a great place to plan out a school field trip in Washington, D.C. The National Zoo is another popular destination for school field trips in D.C.

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