• How to Arrive at Your Wedding in Style

    Your arrival to your wedding should be more than just transportation; it should be a statement of your style and a time to enjoy the moment. During this special time, you could even incorporate a customized tour of the city as you and your guests travel to the ceremony.

    Watch this video to hear some ideas about arriving at your wedding in style and creating an unforgettable experience for your guests. This newlywed couple discusses the ins and outs of wedding transportation. If the bridal party and family will be going to the venue together, a bus or limo might be the best option. If you want a more intimate experience, consider a luxury sedan. Also, think about providing transport to and from the ceremony for guests who are staying nearby to ease the stress of finding parking.

    For limos and wedding transportation around Maryland, call Haymarket Transportation at (301) 778-2007. We are a reputable and reliable company that can accommodate all the intricate details of your special day. Leave the transportation to us, so that you can enjoy the special moments of your big day!

  • Top Reasons to Choose Charter Bus Travel

    If you are considering charter bus travel, then you are probably looking for a more relaxing and enjoyable trip. Free from the stresses of figuring out transportation and planning itineraries, you can sit back and enjoy the ride! Here are some of the top reasons people choose charter bus travel.

    Top reasons people choose charter bus travel

    Enjoying the Scenery

    By having an experienced bus driver at the wheel, you can enjoy a sightseeing tour without having to keep your eyes on the road. Moreover, that scenery is guaranteed to be the best around because your driver knows the optimal routes and most beautiful views to show you.

    Riding Safely

    The experienced drivers of charter buses are trained to drive in all kinds of weather and traffic. They will keep you and your family safe while navigating through exciting cities like Washington, D.C. You can focus on enjoying your time with friends and family instead of finding directions and traversing unfamiliar roads.

    Helping the Environment

    According to a study done by the American Bus Association Foundation , bus travel is the most environmentally friendly motor-based travel. Traveling by bus reduces energy use and carbon emissions more than any other mode of transport, including van pool, light rail, and air travel. So while you enjoy the benefits of charter bus travel, so does the planet.

    Avoiding Stress and Staying Relaxed

    You will never have to worry about finding the airport or nearest parking to a destination when you choose a charter bus. A charter bus will pick you up and drop you off right where you need to be. Also, there is no need for long lines or checking luggage since you simply get on the bus and have your bags stowed conveniently with you.

    From guided bus tours to airport transportation near Washington, D.C., charter bus travel with Haymarket Transportation is the way to go. Call us now at (301) 778-2007 for more information about our extensive charter bus fleet . We will find the perfect travel option for you and your trip!

  • Tips for Visiting the National Zoo

    Come and see exotic and endangered species from around the world at Smithsonian’s National Zoo. Like all Smithsonian institutions, admission to the zoo is free and the park offers numerous sightseeing opportunities. Creating a successful visit to the zoo requires detailed planning, from the transportation to the park activities. Here are some tips to help you get started.

    Smithsonian’s National Zoo

    Choose Your Transportation

    The zoo is open every day except for December 25th. The hours vary throughout the year, but if you want to see the animals in their most active state, plan to arrive early before the day gets warm. Parking at the zoo fills up quickly and can be costly, so it is best to take an alternate form of transportation. If you visit the zoo on a Washington, D.C. tour, the details of getting there will be arranged for you.

    Wear Your Walking Shoes

    You will be exploring the zoo’s large park to discover their wonderful exhibits and animal habitats. This means a substantial amount of walking for your group. Consider combining your trip to the zoo with a guided bus tour. You will continue to learn about and explore the Washington, D.C. area, and your feet will thank you after all that walking!

    Enjoy Your Experience

    There are many animals to see at the zoo, including sea lions, zebras, and giant pandas. The zoo offers daily programs , from feeding demonstrations to educational talks about one of the resident animals. Be sure to check out the Think Tank and the Kid’s Farm if you want a more interactive experience.

    Whether visiting the National Zoo on a school field trip or a family day trip, Haymarket Transportation can provide full service transportation and trip planning through one of our customized tours in Washington, D.C. Your group can relax and enjoy your trip to the National Zoo while Haymarket Transportation takes care of the details. Call us today at (301) 778-2007 as your first step in planning your trip to the National Zoo!

  • Outlet Shopping with Haymarket Transportation, Inc.

    If you’re planning a visit to Washington, D.C., our charter bus transportation services at Haymarket Transportation can take you on a fun day trip to the best outlet malls in the area. Outlet shopping is a great way to relax after the event coordination efforts you made to schedule sightseeing tours, hotel transportation, and airport pickup for your trip. There are a number of outlet malls in the D.C. area that offer top brand names at huge bargains.

    Charter bus transportation services at Haymarket Transportation

    Our charter bus transportation can take you and your guest to Arundel Mills, which is about 30 minutes North of the D.C. area. Arundel Mills is the largest outlet mall in Maryland, with over 200 indoor stores, fine dining, and even a world-class casino. We also offer day trip transportation to Leesburg Corner, which is around 35 miles from D.C. Leesburg Corner has over 110 designer shops, and isn’t far from the areas best winery tours, golfing, and historic attractions.

    To schedule charter bus transportation near Virginia for an outlet mall day trip, contact our friendly staff at Haymarket Transportation today at (301) 778-2007.

  • Winery Tasting Etiquette Tips

    If you’re planning a Washington, D.C. or Virginia day trip for your first a winery tour, you may be interested in winery tour etiquette tips. A local charter bus company that provides transportation for day trips will get you to and from your winery tour safely and easily.

    Watch this video to find out how the pros taste wine on a winery tour. Two wine experts discuss the proper way to taste, talk about, and enjoy the wine offered during your winery tour.

    At Haymarket Transportation, we offer transportation to and from the finest winery tours near Washington, D.C . Our charter bus provides airport pickup and hotel transportation to and from your winery tour, ensuring that your day trip is safe and fun. To learn more about our charter bus transportation services, call us today at (301) 778-2007.