• What Are the Most Popular Washington DC Attractions?

    DC guided tours can cover the entire nation’s capital in just one day. DC is an exciting and historic city. With DC guided tours, you can view monuments, memorials, galleries, historic landmarks, and museums from the comfort of a state-of-the-art vehicle. Whether you prefer educational tours or sightseeing tours, you can see the District in a way that is fun for the whole family. Keep reading to learn more about some of DC’s most popular attractions, including the Smithsonian museums, famous monuments, and the National Zoo.

    Most Popular Washington DC Attractions

    Smithsonian Museums

    DC guided tours make it a point to stop at the famed Smithsonian Museums . This world-famous complex consists of 15 museums, which is why educational tour services especially consider the Smithsonian integral to school field trips. The most popular Smithsonian Museums are the Air and Space Museum, Natural History Museum, and American History Museum.

    Famous Monuments

    Washington DC tours are incomplete without stopovers at some of the capital’s famous monuments. There are many to see, but almost all are located within walking distance of each other. Just a few revered memorials and monuments are the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. To commemorate American veterans, stop by the Vietnam Memorial, Korean War Memorial, World War II Memorial, and Marine Corps Memorial.

    National Zoo

    The National Zoo is technically part of the Smithsonian complex but is located a bit off the beaten path. This zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the United States and is completely free for all guests. Additionally, the National Zoo is one of the only zoos in the world with giant Asian pandas.

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  • Factors to Consider When Planning a School Tour in DC

    Are you looking for transportation for an upcoming school field trip? School field trips should be both fun and educational. With just a little bit of planning, school field trips can be productive learning experiences for kids—without being overwhelming for parents and teachers. As you plan the perfect school field trip, remember to consider student interest, learning expectations, and necessary preparation.

    School Field Trip

    Student Interest

    Before you begin selecting transportation, it is important to gauge students’ interest in a proposed field trip. Educational tour services can help pick destinations that students are especially enthusiastic about. A great way to determine if students are excited about potential field trips is to incorporate your ideas into a classroom lesson plan. Using tools like photos, brochures, and videos, you can teach students about your field trip site before they even leave school.

    Learning Expectations

    In addition to being fun, school field trips are hands-on learning experiences. Before you leave the classroom, make sure students know what kinds of knowledge they should gain from a field trip. For example, many educational tour services suggest asking each student to keep a journal of their experiences or write a short essay about their favorite part of the trip. Make sure to review potential itineraries with students beforehand, and include museums and historic sites.

    Necessary Preparations

    When you plan school field trips, you should consider how much preparation is necessary. For example, you may need to secure parent permission and medical forms ahead of time. If you are using a charter bus, inquire about a potential driver’s record and the company’s experience in offering educational tour services. You should also secure additional chaperones, if necessary.

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  • Tips for Touring the White House

    All D.C. guided tours on a charter bus in Washington, D.C., make it a point to stop by the White House. If your Washington, D.C. tour also involves a tour of the building, it is important to book your visit well in advance.

    D.C. guided tours of the White House

    D.C. guided tours of the White House are available through advanced arrangement with your local Congressman or Congresswoman. For these special sightseeing tours, you should try to submit a request at least three weeks before your trip to D.C. You will need a government-issued ID to enter the White House grounds. Day trips to the White House can be arranged through Washington D.C. tours or directly with the White House. Tours are arranged for groups of 10 or more. If you have a smaller group, you should put in a request to join another small group tour.

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  • Unique Wedding Transportation Ideas

    Wedding transportation can take many forms. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and it is crucial to select dependable wedding transportation. A wedding transportation service should ensure that you and your guests feel comfortable throughout the course of your event. Keep reading to learn more about wedding transportation ideas, including a charter bus, stylish limousine, and large SUV.

    Charter Bus

    Charter Bus

    A charter bus offers one of the most efficient ways to move large wedding parties from one location to the next. In addition to convenient transportation, a charter bus can even offer Washington D.C. tours while it transports guests from the wedding to the reception. One of the best things about a charter bus is that it allows your whole wedding party to spend the day together. If you have a large group of friends and a close-knit family, a charter bus may be your best bet for wedding transportation.

    Stylish Limousine

    Limos have long been favorites of wedding planners. These sleek and stylish vehicles combine formality and function, allowing the entire bridal party and family to feel like VIPs. Large limos can hold up to 10 passengers, while smaller sedans like town cars can seat up to four. Either way, you and your guests will have unparalleled attention from a personal chauffeur, who will guide you through the city in complete luxury.

    Large SUV

    For edgy, sporty couples with larger wedding parties, an SUV is the ideal form of wedding transportation. Like limos, SUVs can seat up to eight guests comfortably. SUVs also come equipped with private drivers who offer a personalized touch. If you put comfort and safety first, consider a fleet of SUVs for your wedding transportation needs.

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