• Quick Tips for Planning a Field Trip

    School field trips are great fun for the students, but they might bring great stress to the teachers. With efficient planning, however, you, your chaperones, and your students can survive the trip. With these helpful tips on transportation and planning, you may even have a little bit of fun, as well.

    Quick Tips for Planning a Field Trip

    • Nail down your chaperones as soon as possible. Depending on how many students are coming on the field trip, you will want a good amount of supervision.
    • Book your transportation right away. Charter buses and educational tour services can fill up very quickly, so you should reserve your transportation as soon as possible.
    • Start figuring out expenses. Most likely you had to petition your principal or school board to allow you the opportunity for a school field trip. You probably already mapped out your expenses for your presentation. Now, you need to start collecting money and putting down payments on buses and field trip tickets, if needed.

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  • The Reopening of the Washington Monument

    If you have not been on a DC guided tour recently, then you may not realize the Washington Monument has been reopened for almost 2 years since its closure due to repairs and renovations. Watch the video for a brief recount of the amazing reconstruction of the Washington Monument.

    After suffering from a nearby earthquake in 2011, the Washington Monument had several cracks and loose bricks. Since there was no access to the outside of the 555-foot tall landmark, engineers had to build an entire tower of scaffolding, complete with an elevator, around the Monument. After 3 years of renovations, the Washington Monument finally reopened in May of 2014.

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  • Get Ready for Summer by Planning a Beach Trip

    With summer just around the corner, it is time to start planning your summer outings. Whether you like sightseeing tours or you simply want to hire a charter bus to take your family out to the beach, there are plenty of summer plans to make in the Virginia area. Here is a quick look at the important things you should not forget when planning your beach trip.

    Planning a beach trip this summer

    Stock the Ice Chest

    One of the most important parts of a successful beach trip is a well-stocked ice chest. This chest has to fuel your entire group with drinks, snacks, and possibly a full-blown meal. It also needs to keep everything cool for the time you are at the beach. Sometimes, you can find a hot dog stand or an ice cream parlor on the boardwalk, but there are not always cheap and convenient food and drink choices when you are trying to have fun at the beach.

    Pack the Beach Supplies

    When you hit the beach, make a checklist to remember all the towels, swimsuits, umbrellas, and everything else you’ll need for your fun and comfort. Do not forget these crucial items that allow you to have a complete day at the beach. Pack a duffel bag for the entire family. Fill it with towels, dry clothes, sunscreen, lounging chairs, and maybe a book or two. Depending on the weather, you may want to pack an umbrella, hats, and sunglasses, as well.

    Book the Transportation

    After a long day at the beach, you and the family are likely to be exhausted. It is a good kind of exhaustion, but there is no point in driving when you feel that way. There are several different buses that can take your entire group out to Ocean City, Virginia Beach, or Myrtle Beach whenever you wish, so you can simply get back on the bus and head home.

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  • Amazing Facts About Limousines

    When you think of wedding transportation, the first vehicle that comes to mind is probably a limousine. Where exactly did the idea of limousines come from, though? Read on to get a brief look at the history of limousines to enlighten your next trip in one of these luxurious vehicles.

    Learn amazing facts about limousines

    Drivers Customarily Sat Outside the Passenger Compartment

    Carriages and chauffeured vehicles often had the driver’s seat outside of the main passenger compartment. This was to allow the passengers some added privacy during their transportation. The first limousine was built in 1902 with the driver’s seat located outside. Since this limousine was marketed as the first luxury automobile, the makers wanted the vehicle to focus on complete comfort and privacy for wealthier passengers. In 1928, the first stretch limousine was built, and it was considered one of the bestselling vehicles during that time.

    France Influenced the Name Limousine

    There is a region in France known as Limousin. At the time, that region had shepherds who wore a specific type of outfit meant to keep them warm. The hood of the outfit matched the top of the first limousine vehicles, and so the name limousine was born.

    Since the creation of limousines, these vehicles have seen millions of people in their compartments. From United States presidents to teenagers going to prom, limousines have become synonymous with class and style.

    1997 Saw the Longest Limousine

    The longest limousine on record was 100 feet long. It had 26 wheels and required two separate drivers for the front and the back of the vehicle.

    Limousines Had the First Air Conditioners

    It would make sense that the world’s first luxury vehicles would be the first to receive air conditioning. When modern air conditioning was first created in 1939, automakers installed it in limousines and luxury vehicles first. This was another way to provide the ultimate kind of luxury transportation to passengers.

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  • Spotlight On Convention Transportation

    When you are planning your company’s next big retreat or convention, you need to account for transportation. Whether you are responsible for a few dozen employees, or you need to account for hundreds of employees, efficient convention transportation will only serve your corporate retreat for the better.

    Charter Bus

    Corporate transportation can mean a variety of services for your business. If you need to transport several people into a convention center, consider hiring a fleet of passenger buses to accommodate everyone. Maybe you are rewarding your supervisors with a sightseeing tour or night out on the town. Passenger vans and limousines can comfortably transport a large group wherever you desire.

    Remember to do your research and book well in advance for your event. Especially if you are planning a large corporate convention, you need a smooth and efficient transportation company that will accommodate everyone and provide you with comfortable and quick service.

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