Quick Tips for Planning a Field Trip

Quick Tips for Planning a Field Trip - Thumb

School field trips are great fun for the students, but they might bring great stress to the teachers. With efficient planning, however, you, your chaperones, and your students can survive the trip. With these helpful tips on transportation and planning, you may even have a little bit of fun, as well.

Quick Tips for Planning a Field Trip

  • Nail down your chaperones as soon as possible. Depending on how many students are coming on the field trip, you will want a good amount of supervision.
  • Book your transportation right away. Charter buses and educational tour services can fill up very quickly, so you should reserve your transportation as soon as possible.
  • Start figuring out expenses. Most likely you had to petition your principal or school board to allow you the opportunity for a school field trip. You probably already mapped out your expenses for your presentation. Now, you need to start collecting money and putting down payments on buses and field trip tickets, if needed.

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