• Taking a Daytrip to Kings Dominion

    If you are touring Virginia, then you cannot forget to plan a visit to Kings Dominion. This amusement park is filled with thrill rides, a water park, and so much more. Do not forget to look into charter buses as an easy means of transportation to the park. Whether you are planning a school field trip or a daytrip for your friends and family, you will have a great time laughing with characters and screaming on the rides.

    A Daytrip to Kings Dominion

    When planning your visit, look up the different times that the park is open. The available days and times may fluctuate according to the season. It is also smart to wear comfortable clothing that you do not mind getting wet, in case you go on a water ride. If you plan on visiting the water park, Soak City, then don’t forget a bathing suit.

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  • An Insider’s Look at Maryland’s Blue Crabs

    Once you have stepped off your charter bus and finished a Maryland guided tour, you must have some of Maryland’s famous blue crabs for lunch. This memorable and enjoyable experience is bound to keep your entire party entertained and coming back for more.

    Watch the video of Maryland Senator John Astle explain how he eats one of his favorite foods, the blue crab. Though it may be messy, Senator Astle makes it clear that eating blue crabs is part of Maryland’s social scene, and it is a fun experience for the locals and the tourists alike.

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  • Planning Your Tour at the National Aquarium in Baltimore

    If you have been looking for a day trip for your family and friends, then look to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland. This iconic institution is easily accessible through various means of tour transportation, so you won’t have to worry about the hassle of parking just to get in. It also offers many exhibits and activities to entertain the entire family, from the young children to the young at heart.

    National Aquarium in Baltimore

    Gather Your Group

    A day at the National Aquarium is a great outing for the entire family, a group of friends, or for students on a school field trip. There are plenty of transportation options that can accommodate the entire group, including charter buses, carpooling, and even boat rides. Once you gather your group together, start planning your transportation and the rest of your fun-filled day.

    Find the Best Time

    According to the National Aquarium’s official website , the best times to visit are on weekdays. If weekdays are not the easiest time for your group, then they suggest visiting before 11 a.m. and after 3 p.m. on the weekends or holidays. You may also want to plan your visit based on any special events or tours that might be available. Consider buying your tickets in advance. This will ensure your entire group is able to enter, and you will get to skip the ticket line.

    Plan for Amazing Activities

    The National Aquarium has several exhibits, events, tours, and many more activities to offer guests. The Aquarium offers 4D immersion films where you and your children can experience a 15-minute adventure under the sea. You can also experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment at the Dolphin Discovery Exhibit. Included with your admission are different interactive activities with the dolphins, as well as simply watching them swim and play.

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  • What Are the Benefits of Seeing D.C. on a Guided Tour?

    If you are visiting the nation’s capital, then it only makes sense to book a D.C. guided tour. Your entire experience will be much more rewarding than you could ever imagine after you see D.C. on a guided bus tour .

    Learn Little-Known Facts

    When visiting the nation’s capital, you are in one of the most iconic cities in the world. There are bound to be countless facts, tips, and hidden treasures that you can only discover with a guided tour. The guides on D.C. guided tours are experts in their field, and most often they are locals. They have grown up hearing about the history, seeing history be made, and maybe even participated in major city events.

    Feel Safe and Comfortable

    Visiting a big city can seem a little daunting, especially if you do not know where you are going or what places you want to visit. With a guided bus tour , you can sit back and relax as you take in the sites from the comfort of your seat. You can also feel safer than if you were walking around by yourself or taking a taxi across the city. Guided tour bus companies strive to keep their customers safe and comfortable, so they continue coming back for more tours and fun.

    Take Advantage of Well-Established Organization

    Guided tour companies and their staff have learned all there is to know about running large groups of people around D.C. The kinks and surprises have been worked out, and they have the entire tour process organized for the benefit of their customers and themselves. When you join a D.C. guided tour, you will join a well-oiled machine that seeks to bring you comfort and fun.

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