• Arranging Transportation for Your Event Attendees

    There are many ways you can arrange the transportation of your event attendees. Whether they are attending a wedding, a corporate event, or are from out of town, it is best to make sure your transportation is established in advance, and your attendees know the plan.

    When you determine where and when your event will be, call your local transportation company to make reservations. Communicate where your attendees will be arriving from so the company can arrange airport or hotel transportation. If you do have out-of-town guests or attendees, consider booking a sightseeing tour for the pleasure of your guests. These many forms of transportation will make your event guests feel appreciated.

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  • A Look at Busch Gardens’ Famed Loch Ness Monster Rollercoaster

    One of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s oldest roller coasters is also one of its most famous: The Loch Ness Monster. It is over 35 years old, and it has seen many events and celebrations. This looped and fast form of rollercoaster transportation continues to gain in popularity because it offers a great experience to everyone who rides.

    As seen in the video, the Loch Ness Monster has been the ride of choice for the 1996 American Olympic team, parachutists, grandparents, and costumed park guests. Whether guests attend Busch Gardens for a day trip or make a weekend of it, they can never leave without riding the Loch Ness Monster at least once.

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  • Popular Sites to Visit on Baltimore Harbor

    When a vacation or day trip is coming up, you should have a list of places to visit, especially if you are visiting historical Maryland. Many of these amazing sites will be touched upon when you reserve a charter bus or sightseeing tour. You can have the opportunity to see some of Maryland’s historic landmarks floating in the harbor, as well as get your fill of shopping and dining along the waterfront.

    Maryland Science Center

    The Maryland Science Center offers activities and sites no matter your age. With an IMAX theater, planetarium, and several hands-on exhibits, anyone who wants to visit this three-story museum is sure to have a great time.

    Maryland Science Center

    The National Aquarium

    If you are looking for an underwater adventure, then you must take the entire family to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. There are over 17,000 living creatures located in the many exhibits, including dolphins, sharks, and a touch pool filled with dozens of marine species. The National Aquarium also offers a rain forest for guests to walk through and a 35-foot waterfall located in an Australian exhibit.

    Historic Ships

    On your sightseeing tour along Baltimore Harbor, you may see four distinct ships docked along the waterfront. These ships and a lighthouse have been named as National Historic Landmarks for their role in different periods of United States’ history. The entire family can enjoy various demonstrations, hands-on activities, and tours to learn more about these influential ships.

    Waterfront Shopping

    Whether you are visiting the harbor for a day trip or a vacation, you cannot forget to see the many shops and restaurants along the waterfront. Harborplace and The Gallery are some of the more popular destinations to find great shopping and entertainment.

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  • The History Buff’s Guide to Virginia

    Virginia marks the beginning of the American colonies, which would go on to become the United States of America. With a Virginia guided tour, you can discover some of the most important sites of early American history and discover facts that you did not know about these historical gems. Let’s take a closer look at the must-see spots for any history lover visiting Virginia.


    When England established its first American colony, Jamestown was founded in 1607. One of the most integral cities in what would eventually become the United States still stands today as a historical replica. “Historic Jamestowne” is a settlement where visitors can come to see history as it was lived with life-sized reenactments and recreations of buildings and ships from that time. Anyone looking to take a step 400 years back in time should take a day trip to Jamestown.


    Once deemed the Capital of the Virginia Colony, Williamsburg has had a long history. It became the Capital in the late 1600s after Jamestown was burned to the ground. Williamsburg held the title until the Revolutionary War broke out in 1776, when Virginia’s Governor Thomas Jefferson moved the capital to Richmond. Now known as the Revolutionary City, Williamsburg boasts 301 acres of original homes and shops that have been reconstructed. The city often holds reenactments detailing the political struggle many went through during the Revolutionary War. Visitors also have the opportunity to see daily life and various battle reenactments.

    The History Buff’s Guide to Virginia

    Arlington National Cemetery

    Located in Arlington, VA, Arlington National Cemetery is a must-see on any sightseeing tour. As one of the oldest national cemeteries in the country, Arlington National Cemetery includes graves from soldiers in the Civil War and more than 400,000 other veterans, active duty service members, and their families.

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