• Enjoy the Beauty of Historic Jamestown

    No Virginia guided tour would be complete without a stop at Historic Jamestown. This location is one of the birthplaces of the United States. It features a storied history, archaeological finds, and a beautiful landscape. Let’s take a look at what can be found at Historic Jamestown.

    As seen in the video, Historic Jamestown features private tours of the landscape, museum exhibits, and archaeological dig sites. Visitors can look at artifacts from the early settlers and get a glimpse of how those settlers lived. Visitors may also see wildlife in the nearby marshes and surrounding forest. Historic Jamestown is not a sight to miss on a Virginia guided tour.

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  • Quick Tips for a Successful Corporate Golf Outing

    There are many ways to ensure your next corporate get-together is a success, such as researching the right environments and reserving transportation and sightseeing tours ahead of time. If you are planning a golf outing, then read on for some helpful tips to make this day a huge success.

    Corporate Golf Outing by Haymarket Transportation

    Tip #1: Understand the Course Skill Level

    Everyone in your corporate group may not have the same golf skills or amount of experience. The golf course you choose should accommodate a range of skill levels. This will help ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time throughout the outing. Research the skill level of nearby golf courses and poll your guests to determine everyone’s skill level. This will help ensure that you reserve the right golf course.

    Tip #2: Appoint a Managing Team

    A large corporate outing requires organization and management from conception to the big day. Your organizing team has arranged every detail from the budget to the invitations to the itinerary. However, you still need a managing team to ensure the golf outing goes as planned. This person or team will be responsible for getting every golfer to their designated tee time and place. The manager will also ensure that transportation, refreshments, and on-site staffing is on time and ready throughout the day. This team is crucial to making the entire day a success.

    Tip #3: Offer Plenty of Refreshments

    Another element of a successful corporate outing are the refreshments. Most likely, the golf club can provide catering, alcohol, and other refreshments throughout the day for an extra fee. If the club does not offer this service, then inquire about bringing in catering, snacks, and refreshments. It is important to keep your employees and corporate partners hydrated, energetic, and enjoying themselves.

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  • A Visitor’s Guide to Proper Etiquette when Touring the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    Visitors taking a D.C. guided tour will likely make a stop at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The Memorial, also known as The Wall That Heals, is a beautiful location that allows visitors to reflect on the sacrifice made by so many during the Vietnam War. Please continue reading to learn the proper etiquette when visiting this memorial.

    Vietnam Veterans Memorial Tour With Haymarket Transportation

    Respect the Monument

    The Wall That Heals stands as a testament and reminder to the people who lost their lives during the Vietnam War. The Wall must be respected at all times. This means that visitors should not climb or sit on any part of the memorial. Visitors can touch the memorial, but they should always be mindful of their actions. It is also disrespectful to eat at the memorial, litter, or create any sort of scene. Visitors should speak quietly and reflect on what the memorial stands for.

    Respect the Visitors

    It is also crucial that visitors respect those around them. Millions of people visit the memorial every year, and many had family members and friends who died during the war and are now memorialized on The Wall. Remain respectful and nonjudgmental to other visitors while they show their own respect at the memorial. If there are any problems with other visitors, then speak with a National Park Service agent about the disruption.

    Respect the Environment

    Never litter at or around the memorial. This is extremely disrespectful and could result in a legal fine and expulsion from the area. It is accepted to leave a small token or gift of remembrance at the memorial. Every night, these items are cataloged and stored away for a future project. Ensure that the item is respectful and safe for the environment and park agents to handle.

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  • What All Americans Should Know About Patrick Henry’s Famous Speech

    One of the most famous lines in American history was spoken during its earliest days before the American Revolution. Patrick Henry, a lawyer and politician in the Continental Congress, delivered an impassioned speech that ended with the famous words, “Give me liberty or give me death!” This speech was delivered in St. John’s Church in Richmond, VA, and the church is a regular stop during Virginia guided tours. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of Patrick Henry’s famous speech.

    What All Americans Should Know About Patrick Henry’s Famous Speech

    The American Colonies were on the cusp of war with the British Empire, and it was Patrick Henry’s famous words that gave the American militia the rally cry it needed. Americans today can use these words as a constant reminder that the United States of America was built upon the concept of freedom for everyone.

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