How to Make Your Wedding More Eco-Friendly

Charter Service For Wedding by Haymarket Transportation

If you’re committed to making your wedding day as green as possible, you have plenty of options. From choices you make about transportation to the size of your guest list, every decision you make has the potential to make your wedding more eco-friendly.

Watch this video for ideas on environmentally friendly steps you can take for your wedding. Consider using a wedding website instead of sending digital invitations and buying items from thrift stores to use for decorating. Keep your guest list under control to reduce the amount of travel that happens for your big day.

Haymarket Transportation Inc. can also be part of greening your wedding by providing charter transportation in Washington D.C. for your guests, so you can reduce the number of cars on the road. We can also provide sightseeing tours and day trips to keep your guests entertained. Find out more about how we can be part of your wedding planning by calling (301) 778-2007.

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