• Rides and Activities at the Maryland Zoo

    Plan A Visit To The Maryland Zoo

    A trip to the Washington, D.C. area isn’t complete without a day spent at the Maryland Zoo. Family members of all ages will love everything that the zoo has to offer, and with Haymarket Transportation, Inc., getting transportation to the zoo is simple and fast. If you plan a visit to the Maryland Zoo, don’t forget to visit these attractions and rides.

    The Jones Falls Zephyr Train Ride is a smooth, comfortable 10-minute journey that gives you a look at the area behind the African Journey and the Jones Fall Watershed. After that, get up close and personal with the giraffes by feeding them a branch of browse. Learn more about how the zoo keeps its animals healthy and happy with the Zoo Bites Animal Nutrition Tour and the Goat Grooming experience. These activities are just a taste of what the zoo has to offer for the whole family.

    Planning your day trip to the Maryland Zoo starts with a call to Haymarket Transportation, Inc. For transportation to Maryland, call our charter bus company in Washington, D.C. at (301) 778-2007.

  • Why Your Bachelorette Party Needs a Chauffeur

    Bachelorette Party

    A bachelorette party is an exciting milestone on the road to your big deal. Whether you envision a laidback evening with a small group of your closets friends or a wild night on the town, the one thing that every bachelorette party needs is a chauffeur. Why is this the right transportation mode for your event? There are several reasons why hiring a chauffeur will make your bachelorette party a night to remember.

    With a chauffeur on call, you don’t have to worry that the party will get waylaid waiting for transportation to take you from one place to another. Your ride will be ready whenever you are. Even better, you will get to treat your friends to luxury transportation to thank them for their support of your wedding. Lastly, having a chauffeur means everyone will get to where they need to be safely and without anyone being a designated driver.

    Haymarket Transportation can help with all of your wedding transportation needs, from limos for bachelorette parties to charter buses for guests. For more information about wedding transportation in Washington, D.C., call (301) 778-2007.

  • A Crash Course in Wine Tour Etiquette

    Explore Wineries Without Any Concerns

    A winery tour is a great way to learn about new wines and enjoy a fun, unique experience with friends. With a charter bus or guided tour, you can explore wineries without any concerns about finding safe transportation to and from the tour. Once you’re on the winery tour, there are a few etiquette tips you should know that will help you feel comfortable and enjoy the experience fully, no matter how experienced you are with wine. Here is what you need to know.

    Don’t Go on an Empty Stomach

    On a wine tour, of course you will be tasting wine, and the amount you consume can add up quickly. Generally, if you are offered food on the tour, it will be small bites, like cheese and crackers, and not a full meal. To avoid over-consuming on the tour, make sure you have a full stomach for the tour. Even if you plan on spitting the wines you taste instead of drinking them, you can quickly consume more alcohol than expected, and having a full stomach will help you keep your wits.

    Take Notes During Your Tour

    A winery tour is a great time to increase your knowledge of wine and test some new varieties. Chances are that you will taste so many different kinds of wine that you’ll quickly forget which ones you loved and which were not for you. Take notes as you taste, rating the bottles and writing down information about flavors. You will likely see a pattern develop that will help you better understand your wine preferences.

    Limit Your Perfume and Aftershave

    Strong odors can interfere with the way wine tastes, since smelling the wine is part of tasting it. Do everyone on your winery tour a favor and limit your use of perfume or aftershave on the day of your visit.

    Haymarket Transportation offers winery tours within easy reach of Washington, D.C., with convenient transportation designed to accommodate groups, such as charter buses. Get answers to your questions about planning a winery tour or our other transportation options by calling (301) 778-2007.

  • Introducing George Washington’s Mount Vernon

    If you are looking for an exciting excursion to add to your D.C. and Virginia guided tour, consider visiting Mount Vernon. George Washington’s home is a thrilling step back in time for anyone who appreciates history and wants to delve deeper into the story of the United States.

    Watch this video to learn more about visiting Mount Vernon. On site, you will get to walk in George Washington’s footsteps and learn much more about early American history and what life was like during Washington’s time period.

    Haymarket Transportation is pleased to offer Mount Vernon tours as well as many other guided trips to explore D.C. and Virginia. For more about guided tours of Washington, D.C., call (301) 778-2007.