• Exploring the History of the Battle of Bull Run

    In a field in Manassas in Northern Virginia, near the Bull Run River, the first battle of the Civil War took place. The battle was intense and exposed the inexperience of the troops on both sides. This video explains more about the history of this infamous battle. Union troops ultimately lost the battle, but the toll was significant on both sides.

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  • Planning Transportation for Your Wedding

    It’s easy to get so caught up in the excitement of picking a cake and selecting your flowers that you overlook one important aspect of planning your wedding: transportation . Whether you only need to worry about getting yourself and your new spouse around on the day of your wedding or you need to make transportation arrangements for all of your guests, figuring out transportation plans in advance can save you from a logistical nightmare on the day of your ceremony. Keep these tips in mind when making wedding transportation arrangements:

    Decide Who Needs a Ride

    Typically, transportation to the wedding venue should include the event VIPs : the bride and groom, the wedding party, parents, and siblings. However, you may also wish to arrange group transportation, such as a charter bus, for wedding guests. This can be helpful if most of your guests are staying in a hotel where you have a block of rooms or if the venue isn’t easily reached by car or public transportation. Arranging transportation for as many of your guests as possible also alleviates concerns about people driving home after drinking at the reception.

    Determine How Many Rides You Need

    In addition to deciding who gets a ride, you have to decide how many rides everyone needs. Do you only want to provide transportation to the wedding venue, or do you want to provide post-reception rides as well? If your ceremony and reception are at different venues, then you will likely need to provide transportation between the two. The number of rides you need to arrange can impact the kind of transportation you choose.

    Book Your Transportation in Advance

    Like all things to do with wedding planning, booking early is a smart strategy. You’ll have the flexibility to get the exact vehicles you want before other engaged couples start reserving their own wedding day transit.

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  • What to Expect When You Tour Mount Vernon

    George Washington’s Mount Vernon home is situated on beautiful grounds that are ideal for exploration. For history buffs, this makes a perfect day trip from Washington, DC, and with everything from a distillery to a farm on site, there is something for everyone to enjoy. As you plan your Mount Vernon tour , this advice will help you make the most of your day.

    Make Use of the Orientation Center

    All guests enter Mount Vernon through the Orientation Center. Your bags will be searched before you can tour the property. After that, be sure to make use of the resources in the Center before you begin exploring. The staff in the Orientation Center can provide maps and valuable information about touring the grounds. There is also a brief film you can watch to give context to the property, as well as a beloved attraction called Mount Vernon in Miniature. The Orientation Center is also a perfect place to go to the bathroom before you start exploring.

    Tour the Mansion

    There is a short, guided tour of the mansion itself. Photos aren’t allowed to be taken inside, but you can take pictures from the porch. Ask questions during the tour, as your guides are there to help you understand the significance of the different rooms and the pieces you are seeing. Outside of the mansion, you can explore the backyard and visit the tombs of Washington and his family members.

    Make Reservations for a Meal

    A food court on site allows for a quick bite, but there is also a restaurant with a Colonial-inspired menu. The restaurant gets very busy, so reservations are recommended. Outside of the dining area, you will find Pioneer Farm and the Gristmill & Distillery. You can even pick up a bottle of rye made from Washington’s own recipe.

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  • Touring Baltimore’s National Aquarium

    The National Aquarium in Baltimore is a delightful experience for all ages. If you’re planning a sightseeing tour around Washington, D.C., make a short detour over to Maryland to see this national treasure for yourself. Kids love the Living Seashore exhibit, which gives them a chance to touch harmless sea creatures. The Blacktip Reef is another must-see exhibit. Here, blacktip reef sharks, whiptail rays, wobbegong sharks, and zebra sharks swim alongside a massive, 500-pound green sea turtle.

    Can’t get enough sharks? After visiting Blacktip Reef, head over to Shark Alley. It’s a ring-shaped exhibit that gives visitors the experience of having sharks slowly circle them. Dolphin Discovery and Australia: Wild Extremes are other popular exhibits you should see on your day trip. If you have a future herpetologist in your family, stop by the Amazon River Forest before you leave, and see the emerald tree boas.

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  • Behind the Scenes at Richmond’s St. John’s Church

    When Virginian delegates were considering raising a militia, they decided to hold the vote at St. John’s Church in Richmond in an effort to avoid interference by the Crown-appointed Lieutenant Governor. The measure passed by a handful of votes, no doubt thanks to Patrick Henry’s passionate “Give me liberty or give me death!” speech. St. John’s Church is a national historic landmark today, and if you’re planning a guided tour in Virginia, it’s a must-see.

    Catch a glimpse behind the scenes at St. John’s when you watch this video. You’ll hear the docent explain the pre-Revolutionary history of the church. He also explains that the delegates decided to hold the convention at St. John’s because it was the largest building in Richmond at the time.

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  • Customizing a Washington, D.C. Tour for Your Group

    No matter what special interests your group has, you’re sure to find the perfect attractions and experiences in Washington, D.C. There’s so much to do and see in this city that the hardest part of planning may be narrowing down your itinerary. You can work with a D.C. guided tour company for help figuring out which customized itinerary will work best for your group.


    Washington, D.C. has no shortage of monuments. Your group can pay their respects at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. Since 1937, the Tomb has been continuously guarded by a specially trained Sentinel—every minute of every day and night, no matter the weather. It’s considered among the most sacred and honorable of military duties to become a Sentinel. Visitors are expected to conduct themselves with great respect and courtesy. In addition to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, your tour group may wish to visit these well-known monuments:

    • Lincoln Memorial
    • Washington Monument
    • World War II Memorial
    • Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
    • Korean War Veterans Memorial
    • Vietnam Veterans Memorial
    • Thomas Jefferson Memorial


    There are a number of excellent museums in Washington, D.C. that should be on your bucket list. Consider taking your guided tour group to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, which features both permanent and special exhibits, and programs and activities. The museum’s collections database is home to over 270,000 records, including personal stories, historical footage, and photos. Other museums your group might want to visit include:

    • National Geographic Museum
    • National Museum of Natural History
    • National Gallery of Art
    • National Air & Space Museum
    • National Museum of American History
    • National Museum of the American Indian
    • National Museum of African American History and Culture


    Don’t forget to include meal breaks in your itinerary! There are plenty of eateries around the National Mall and inside the many museums, but your group might want to expand its options a little. Ben’s Chili Bowl is an iconic restaurant in Washington, D.C. Try their signature dish, the half smoke with chili.

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  • Planning a Kid-Friendly Trip to Jamestown

    Historic Jamestown, Virginia is a family-friendly destination. It’s full of exciting things to do and see, and your kids will have so much fun that they won’t even realize it’s an educational day trip . To make the most of your visit, get in touch with an expert on Virginia guided tours. Some of the highlights you may wish to include on your itinerary are the following.

    Exhibits and Film

    Start at the Visitor’s Center, which is a spacious building that includes a museum, two theaters, and gift shops. Even if you have a tour guide, the film is a great place to begin your visit. It starts every 30 minutes. The film, 1607: A Nation Takes Root offers some solid background information. Seeing this first will help your family make the most of your trip to Jamestown. Before you leave the Visitor’s Center, browse the gallery exhibits. You’ll see hundreds of archaeological artifacts.

    Planning a Kid-Friendly Trip to Jamestown by Haymarket Transport

    Powhatan Indian Village

    Historic Jamestown is crammed with living history “exhibits.” Take the kids to the Powhatan Indian Village, where they can explore the natives’ way of life in this re-created village. They’ll see the reed-covered houses and ceremonial circle. Your family can also interact with historical interpreters, who demonstrate how the Powhatan Indians made pottery, grew crops, wove fibers, and prepared food. Your kids can also try grinding corn or doing other activities, like gardening.

    Settlement Ships

    Three ships set sail from London in 1606 carrying more than 100 passengers and crew members. It took four months for the Susan Constant , Godspeed , and Discovery to reach the shores of North America. Take the kids aboard the re-creations of these three ships for a demonstration of 17 th century navigation and piloting techniques. The kids can try out a sailor’s bunk, learn to tie knots, and interact with friendly historical interpreters.

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  • Visiting Washington National Cathedral

    Washington National Cathedral is the sixth largest Cathedral in the world. The Gothic-style structure is a Cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, but it also functions as a spiritual center for the nation and serves many faith traditions. A large number of national events are held at the Cathedral each year. A D.C. guided tour is an excellent way to see the Cathedral and learn more about its history.

    Visiting Washington National Cathedral by Haymarket Transport

    Over the years, the Cathedral has been home to many historical events. From the funeral for President Woodrow Wilson to a prayer vigil during the Iranian hostage crisis, the Cathedral has often been in the national spotlight. Visitors to the Cathedral can opt for a guided tour, come to experience a musical program, visit the church for a mass, or simply tour the building and grounds.

    Washington National Cathedral is one of the many sites in Washington you can enjoy on a D.C. guided tour from Haymarket Transportation. Contact us today at (301) 778-2007 to learn about building a customized tour in Washington, D.C. or our other guided bus tours across the surrounding areas.

  • A Look at the History of Monticello

    A favorite daytrip of visitors to Washington, D.C. is Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. With a charter bus, visiting this historic site is easy and convenient, so you can relax and explore the property without any stress about travel and traffic.

    Watch this video for a glimpse of Monticello. Jefferson spent nearly 40 years on building the property, which was finished in the last stage of his presidency. The building is considered to be an architectural landmark, indicative of classic Italian design that was popular in the period.

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  • Visiting Maryland’s Live! Casino

    Are you looking for the thrill of Las Vegas without getting on a plane to travel across the country? If so, then look no further than Maryland’s Live! Casino. With games running 24 hours per day and endless options for entertainment and dining, you’ll enjoy an exciting, Vegas-style experience close to home. With charter bus transportation from Washington, D.C. , visiting the casino is convenient and affordable. Here is what you can expect from a trip to the Maryland Live! Casino.

    Casino Games

    The casino is home to a huge variety of games, for everyone from the gaming novice to the experienced card player. Come and try your hands at the slots, or settle in for a high-stakes round of poker. Blackjack, roulette, and a variety of e-table games are all on deck, so you can pick your favorite or sample a little of everything. You’ll find games designed for all kinds of risk levels, and ample opportunities to score a jackpot.

    Visiting Maryland’s Live Casino by Haymarket Transport


    There are plenty of options for dining on site, with places to grab a sandwich between games and high-end, fine dining restaurants to celebrate your win. Find recognizable names, such as The Cheesecake Factory, as well as authentic Asian inspired cuisine at Luk Fu. There is something for every taste, and many establishments are open late to accommodate guests taking advantage of the 24-hour casino games.


    In addition to special game nights and tournaments, Live! Casino is home to world-class entertainment. A mix of national touring acts and top-level tribute artists take the stage at the casino. A great performance is the perfect way to top off—or start—an evening of winning in the casino.

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