• Amazing Facts About Mount Vernon

    Mount Vernon holds the key to this great nation’s storied past. This incredible depiction of early American life can easily be seen on a Virginia guided tour. President Washington’s father built the original family farmhouse in 1735, but it was George himself that envisioned the great mansion that stands today. He also created an 18th-century English garden that showed off the land’s natural beauty and provided food for the household. George Washington not only had a hand in forming our nation, but you can see his work in every detail of the majestic Mount Vernon.

    Learn amazing facts about Mount Vernon

    Taking a day trip to Mount Vernon is a wonderful way to see everything it has to offer. You can see the evidence of George Washington’s hard work as you explore the grounds of Mount Vernon. As you walk across the bowling green, search for some of the native trees that Washington planted himself. Also, be sure to check out the outbuildings, where you can see a blacksmith demonstration.

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  • Tips for Planning a Field Trip to Mount Vernon

    Since 1860, more than 85 million people have made a trip to Mount Vernon to see where George Washington once lived. That makes the Mount Vernon estate the most popular historic estate in the entire country. If you are considering taking a field trip to Mount Vernon, you should use a charter bus in Washington, D.C. to get there. You should also consider more than just your transportation. Here are some other tips for planning a field trip to Mount Vernon.

    The Mount Vernon Estate The Most Popular Historic Estate

    Get a special rate by bringing a group of at least 20 students.

    Every year, the Mount Vernon estate opens its doors to hundreds of school field trips. There are many schools who send their students to Mount Vernon to learn a history lesson. To take advantage of the special rates that are offered, consider putting together a group of at least 20 students. This will get you the best deal possible .

    Pre-schedule your group’s tour of the Mount Vernon mansion.

    When you call to arrange a field trip to Mount Vernon, inquire about scheduling your tour of the mansion at the estate ahead of time. When you do this, you will be able to plan your transportation accordingly. You will also give yourself enough more than enough time to visit the other sites at the estate, like the tomb of George and Martha Washington and the memorial that has been established for the slaves who lived and worked at the estate.

    Arrange to see other local sites once you’ve checked out the Mount Vernon estate.

    In addition to checking out the Mount Vernon estate, there are other sites in nearby Washington, D.C. that would be worth seeing if you are on a school trip. You can obtain special D.C. guided tours that will lead the way.

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  • Make the Most of Your Visit to Mount Vernon

    Mount Vernon, the family home and estate of President George Washington, is a must-see stop on D.C. guided tours . Transportation to this historic location is easy, since it is located on the banks of the Potomac just south of the city, so many sightseeing tours include it as part of a short day trip outside the capital. The guide below will help you get the most enjoyment possible out of your visit to Mount Vernon.

    Dress for the Occasion

    You do not have to wear formal or fancy clothes by any means—but you should wear comfortable footwear. A Mount Vernon tour includes many long walks around the spacious grounds, so be sure that you have outdoor-appropriate shoes as well. For safety reasons, you can’t bring bags, backpacks, or purses larger than 16″x16″x8″ onto the grounds.

    Plan Your Meals Around Your Visit

    With the exception of water bottles (which are encouraged), you can’t bring any food or drink on your tour of Mount Vernon. There is a restaurant on the grounds, the Mount Vernon Inn, and also a food court, offering a variety of dishes for a variety of tastes. You could also pack your own lunch and eat it on the bus ride to or from Mount Vernon.

    Bring the Whole Family

    There are many educational opportunities at Mount Vernon that are perfect for kids. They can meet historical characters from Washington’s time in person, and visit the animals on an authentic recreation of a colonial farm. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Hands On History Center offers a variety of immersive lessons.

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  • The Tombs of Mount Vernon

    George Washington’s Mount Vernon is one of the most popular stops on D.C. guided tours, since it offers a glimpse into the life of one of America’s most renowned Founding Fathers. When you visit this historic site and take an official Mount Vernon tour, you will see the inside of the house and the expansive, beautiful grounds adjoining the Potomac.

    You will also see the tombs of Mount Vernon. Watch this video to learn more about the old tomb and the new tomb that house George and Martha Washington’s remains.

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  • What to Expect on Your Sightseeing Tour of Mount Vernon

    Located less than an hour south of Washington, D.C., George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate is one of the most popular destinations for day trips and sightseeing tours near our nation’s capital. The historic house and plantation are located in Virginia on the banks of the Potomac, overlooking Maryland on the other side. Some of the things you will see at Mount Vernon include:

    George Washington’S Mount Vernon Estate

    George Washington s Mansion

    In 1754, George Washington inherited a farmhouse built nearly two decades before by his father, Augustine. Over the next four decades, Washington enlarged and expanded the home, eventually creating a mansion with 21 rooms, which is one of the structures you can see today when you visit Mount Vernon . More than a million people pass through the mansion every year to see its various parlors, bedrooms, and dining rooms, all featuring period decorating.

    Gorgeous Gardens and Lush Landscapes

    During George Washington’s lifetime, a staff of gardeners, some of whom were slaves, worked the plant beds and maintained the gardens at Mount Vernon. The fruits and vegetables grown on the estate ended up on Washington’s table. He also kept a greenhouse for exotic, rare plants, inspired by the greenhouse of Mrs. Margaret Tilghman Carroll, who lived near Baltimore, and even cultivated some plants she donated from her collection.

    A Whisky Distillery

    Washington’s farm manager, James Anderson, encouraged him to enter the whisky business. Anderson was a Scotsman by birth, and had experience in the fine whisky industry. In 1797, Washington gave Anderson permission to set up two stills on the Mount Vernon grounds. By the time Washington died in 1799, the Mount Vernon distillery, by then the largest in the entire United States, produced almost 11,000 gallons of whisky.

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