• A Visit to the Pandas at the National Zoo

    You must include a National Zoo visit on your next Washington, D.C. tour. You will meet a whole host of special animals and even get a chance to see Bei Bei, the baby panda. Whether you are taking a D.C. guided tour, or finding your own transportation, the next stop is the National Zoo.

    As seen in this short video, you can watch Bei Bei as he learns about the world around him. Climbing trees and playing with his family, Bei Bei charms everyone he meets. Be sure to book your next day trip right away, and have fun meeting Bei Bei.

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  • Meet a Curator at the National Zoo

    When you take a charter bus in Washington, D.C., make sure your customized tours stop at the zoo. The National Zoo is an important part of the Smithsonian Institution—and is completely free for visitors. Learn more from this video!

    Almost all D.C. guided tours make a stop at the Smithsonian museums and the zoo, especially if you use educational tour services. The D.C. zoo is one of the only zoos in the world with a panda, which is why so many people make it part of their day trips. One D.C. zoo curator who works with lions, tigers, and bears advises children that the animals take a great deal of preparation before they are ready for the public.

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  • Tips for Visiting the National Zoo

    Come and see exotic and endangered species from around the world at Smithsonian’s National Zoo. Like all Smithsonian institutions, admission to the zoo is free and the park offers numerous sightseeing opportunities. Creating a successful visit to the zoo requires detailed planning, from the transportation to the park activities. Here are some tips to help you get started.

    Smithsonian’s National Zoo

    Choose Your Transportation

    The zoo is open every day except for December 25th. The hours vary throughout the year, but if you want to see the animals in their most active state, plan to arrive early before the day gets warm. Parking at the zoo fills up quickly and can be costly, so it is best to take an alternate form of transportation. If you visit the zoo on a Washington, D.C. tour, the details of getting there will be arranged for you.

    Wear Your Walking Shoes

    You will be exploring the zoo’s large park to discover their wonderful exhibits and animal habitats. This means a substantial amount of walking for your group. Consider combining your trip to the zoo with a guided bus tour. You will continue to learn about and explore the Washington, D.C. area, and your feet will thank you after all that walking!

    Enjoy Your Experience

    There are many animals to see at the zoo, including sea lions, zebras, and giant pandas. The zoo offers daily programs , from feeding demonstrations to educational talks about one of the resident animals. Be sure to check out the Think Tank and the Kid’s Farm if you want a more interactive experience.

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