• Don’t Make These Transportation Mistakes at Your Wedding

    Wedding Transportation

    Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life. It should be memorable for all the right reasons. Extensive planning is required to make your wedding meet your expectations. During the wedding planning process, couples often put the focus on selecting the venue, cake, and flowers. But don’t forget about transportation! Wedding transportation is among the most crucial ingredients for making your special day a success.

    Mistake: Hiring a small limo service.

    It’s customary for the bride and groom to arrive and depart in a classic limousine. That’s why many couples make the mistake of contracting with a small, local limo service instead of a larger transportation company. When you choose a comprehensive transportation company instead, you’ll get a full spectrum of services. Larger transportation companies are adept at handling the logistics of special events. Plus, they’ll have a fleet of vehicles to choose from.

    Mistake: Forgetting to make arrangements for out-of-town guests.

    Ultimately, it’s the responsibility of each out-of-town guest to make arrangements for getting to the wedding. But let’s face it: It isn’t easy for guests to travel long distances for special events. That’s why it’s courteous for the bride and groom to give them a helping hand. Talk to the transportation company about arranging airport pickups to bring your guests to their hotel ahead of the wedding.

    Mistake: Neglecting to book a shuttle service between venues.

    Many couples get married in one location and hold the reception in another. This can create problems for the guests, who may have trouble navigating the streets of an unfamiliar city. Consider booking a charter bus or mini bus to act as a shuttle service for your guests. They’ll love the red carpet service!

    You can count on the team at Haymarket Transportation to help your wedding proceed without a hitch! To discuss booking our limos in the Washington, D.C. area and beyond, give us a call at (301) 778-2007. Our fleet also boasts luxury charter buses, SUVs, vans, and sedans, all driven by professional chauffeurs.

  • Questions to Ask When Booking Your Wedding Transportation

    When it comes to wedding transportation, most people are now thinking beyond the bride and groom. There are benefits to having transportation for at least some of your guests, especially if people are traveling in from out of town for the big day. Some brides and grooms even need transportation for more than one wedding event. In the chaos of planning a wedding, it’s easy to overlook transportation until the last minute, but that will leave you struggling to get the vehicles you need. Instead, put booking transportation on your to-do list, and ask the company you’re considering hiring these questions.

    What vehicles are in your fleet?

    If you are going to book multiple kinds of transportation, then that means you will need multiple kinds of vehicles. It will be much easier for you to manage if the transportation company you hire has all of the types of vehicles you need, so you can stay with a single vendor. Find out if they have charter buses, SUV, limos, and vans, so you can accommodate different group sizes for different events in the wedding. It is also helpful to know if they have late-model vehicles, so that you can rely on them being reliable and presentable.

    What can I expect from the vehicles and drivers?

    With this question, try to determine the level of service that they company will provide. Will all of the vehicles be cleaned inside and out before your wedding? How do they vet their drivers? Hire a company that guarantees you will receive clean vehicles and that has professional drivers whose safety records have been checked, so you can feel confident about the experience that your guests will have.

    What is the planning process like?

    When you’re booking wedding transportation, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Working with a company that provides you with a dedicated contact person who will work on your schedule with you will ensure that none of your requests get lost in the shuffle.

    Haymarket Transportation is an experienced wedding transportation company in Washington, D.C. and can help you with all of your transportation needs. Contact us to discuss your wedding needs by calling (301) 778-2007.

  • A Closer Look at Your Wedding Transportation Options

    There are so many decisions to make when it comes to your wedding, but choosing wedding transportation doesn’t have to be difficult. Here is a brief guide to some wedding transportation options available to you on your big day.

    Classic Limousines

    You can never go wrong with a luxurious limousine transporting you to your wedding. Whether the limo is just for the happy couple or for their entire bridal party, most limousines can accommodate your needs. They can transport up to 20 people, but if you have a large bridal party or you want your guests to feel extra special, you can hire a whole fleet for transportation.

    Wedding Transportation Options by Haymarket Transportation

    SUVs and Town Cars

    If you are looking for something a little more intimate for your wedding day, try out an SUV or Town Car sedan. You can drive up to your wedding ceremony or reception together with a cozy and comfortable leather interior surrounding you.

    Mini Buses and Passenger Vans

    When you need to transport your guests from a separate parking lot to the venue area, look for a comfortable mini bus or passenger van. Transporting 10 to 36 passengers at a time, your guests can relax against the custom interior as they safely and quickly make their way to your wedding. On the way, they can even watch highlights of the happy couple on the televisions installed in the mini buses.

    Adding Amenities

    Don’t forget that you can request added features to make your day even more special. Some vehicles may permit beverages aboard, as well as televisions, and DVD and CD players. If you have a specific request, ask your transportation company if your request can be accommodated.

    Make your day as special as it can be; call Haymarket Transportation at (301) 778-2007 to learn about our many vehicle selections and tours. We offer sightseeing tours, as well as school field trips and wedding transportation near Washington, D.C. , Maryland, and Virginia.

  • Wedding Transportation 101

    After you’ve planned every last detail of your wedding, don’t forget to schedule transportation! You and your wedding party should arrive to the venue in style. As you can see in the video, there are many kinds of wedding transportation options to accommodate your every need.

    If you need a small sedan to escort a few people, or your wedding requires a whole fleet of guest transportation, your limo company can provide it. Don’t forget to check the rates and references of several companies. When you’ve settled on the most exceptional company, snatch your wedding date up before they’re booked.

    Haymarket Transportation wants to give you the best wedding present we can. If you’d like sightseeing tours for out-of-town guests, or you need wedding transportation near Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, we can provide it at (301) 778-2007.

  • Unique Wedding Transportation Ideas

    Wedding transportation can take many forms. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and it is crucial to select dependable wedding transportation. A wedding transportation service should ensure that you and your guests feel comfortable throughout the course of your event. Keep reading to learn more about wedding transportation ideas, including a charter bus, stylish limousine, and large SUV.

    Charter Bus

    Charter Bus

    A charter bus offers one of the most efficient ways to move large wedding parties from one location to the next. In addition to convenient transportation, a charter bus can even offer Washington D.C. tours while it transports guests from the wedding to the reception. One of the best things about a charter bus is that it allows your whole wedding party to spend the day together. If you have a large group of friends and a close-knit family, a charter bus may be your best bet for wedding transportation.

    Stylish Limousine

    Limos have long been favorites of wedding planners. These sleek and stylish vehicles combine formality and function, allowing the entire bridal party and family to feel like VIPs. Large limos can hold up to 10 passengers, while smaller sedans like town cars can seat up to four. Either way, you and your guests will have unparalleled attention from a personal chauffeur, who will guide you through the city in complete luxury.

    Large SUV

    For edgy, sporty couples with larger wedding parties, an SUV is the ideal form of wedding transportation. Like limos, SUVs can seat up to eight guests comfortably. SUVs also come equipped with private drivers who offer a personalized touch. If you put comfort and safety first, consider a fleet of SUVs for your wedding transportation needs.

    For even more exciting wedding transportation near Washington, D.C. , contact Haymarket Transportation. Our experienced travel specialists can help you plan every detail of your wedding. We offer a diverse fleet that includes wedding charter bus services, sedans, and limos with private chauffeurs. To get started creating your memorable day, contact us at (301) 778-2007.