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Mount Vernon Estate and Arlington National Cemetery Tour

Ride through Old Town Alexandria which George Washington considered his hometown! Visit his beloved Mount Vernon Estate and the sacred ground of Arlington National Cemetery!

The home of former president of the USA George Washington

Mount Vernon Tour

This comprehensive tour includes a riding tour of Old Town. You will view Christ Church where both George Washington and Robert E. Lee worshipped. This tour will take you to the front door of Robert E. Lee’s boyhood home; pass the original cobblestone street and George Washington’s townhome in Old Town Alexandria. Then the tour will lead you to George Washington’s grand Mount Vernon Estate, where you will have time to explore the mansion, gardens, outbuildings, the Donald W. Reynolds Museum and Education Center that features over 500 original artifacts, and the burial site of George and Martha Washington.

What Mount Vernon Offers

The tour will also include a visit to the sacred grounds of Arlington National Cemetery where you will witness the Changing of the Guard, visit the gravesites of President JFK, his brothers Robert and Ted Kennedy, and learn about the historical connection between Arlington National Cemetery and Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon offers and a food court with various lunch options, as well as the quaint dining experience of the Mount Vernon Inn. Lunch is not included in the tour.

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