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Visit Alexandria with Haymarket Transportation

When you’re choosing a group vacation destination, you want a place that will appeal to all interests. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to find a site to satisfy everyone. If you’re looking to satisfy eclectic tastes, consider a tour in Alexandria, VA. History buffs, foodies, and shopping enthusiasts will all love Alexandria, whether you’re in town for a quick tour or a week-long vacation. As you search for the best group travel packages, make sure to inquire with Haymarket Transportation. Based in Washington, D.C., we’re among the most trusted providers of tours throughout Virginia’s most famous historical sites. Our group travel tours center on education and are geared toward schools and universities, but we also welcome private groups to explore Alexandria’s history.

Learn More About This Historic City

Are you ready to visit Alexandria? This town boasts a rich history, stretching back centuries. Alexandria was officially founded in 1749 by Scottish merchants. It was a popular hub of activity during the colonial area, visited by the likes of George Washington and General Edward Braddock. In fact, Alexandria was part of the original tract of land chosen by Washington to become the District of Columbia. Alexandria also played a role in the Civil War, being the site of several Union hospitals and the childhood home of Robert E. Lee. Today, Alexandria is home to a wealth of antique shops, art galleries, and even the 2000 film Remember the Titans. With a strong history, there’s no shortage of places to visit within this exciting town.

Food, Shopping, and Fun in Alexandria, VA

Although Haymarket Transportation focuses on education in our tours, there’s no shortage of food, shopping, and fun in Alexandria as well. You might choose to take a school field trip to one of our brunch establishments, or perhaps you’d rather take your significant other out for a night of fine dining. Whatever the case, you’ll find a restaurant catered to your tastes, and maybe even one known as a presidential hot spot! Between meals, you could pay a visit to the Art Center or catch some tunes at the Birchmere Music Hall. To wrap up the day, pop into a local boutique. You’ll find a wide selection of antiques, stationery, clothing, and more.

Take a Charter Bus for Your Alexandria Tour

If you’re someone who enjoys structure, why not have a little help in organizing your vacation? Haymarket Transportation’s tours and charter buses are here to help streamline your vacation and make the most of your time in and around Washington, D.C. When you choose a charter bus, we take care of the hard work for you. There’s no messing with directions, wrong turns, or frustrating traffic patterns. The team at Haymarket Transportation makes sure you get to and from all the sights Alexandria has to offer safely with no hassle. Our vehicles are top quality and operated by professional drivers for your peace of mind. Plus, you’ll have the advantage of a flexible itinerary!

Contact Our Team Today

It seems a popular myth that group travel companies can’t be affordable. Haymarket Transportation works to dispel this misconception. We offer premier group vacation packages that won’t break the bank. Our team ensures you get the most bang for your buck, visiting the most important historical monuments in Alexandria and throughout the Washington, D.C. area. Whether you’re looking for a tour for you and your family or want to book a field trip through a group travel agency, we have you covered. Contact Haymarket Transportation today to learn about our tours in Alexandria and beyond.