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Haymarket Transportation’s Tours at Monticello

Looking for the perfect vacation destination? It’s certainly a challenge to narrow down your options when it comes to group travel tours. Some people prefer historical landmarks, and others want something famous for its beauty. However, few destinations in the United States allow you to take in history and scenery quite like Monticello. If the thought of visiting Monticello intrigues you, Haymarket Transportation is here to assist. We’re a top provider of guided tours throughout the Washington, D.C. Metro Area, and we’re excited to share our heritage with you. Monticello is an increasingly popular historical landmark, but we’re committed to helping you see it in a new light. Whether you’re browsing places to take a school field trip or planning a family vacation, be sure to consider all that Monticello has to offer.

Why Visit Monticello?

Monticello gets its claim to fame as the home of President Thomas Jefferson. Although most houses built in the 1700s adhered to one of a few stock designs, Jefferson wanted something special for his home. Jefferson himself drafted the blueprints for Monticello, and the result was a unique design that has become one of the historically significant examples of American architecture. However, there’s also a darker side to Monticello. Throughout its storied past, the property has been home to around 130 enslaved African Americans, including Jefferson’s suspected mistress Sally Hemmings. When you visit Monticello, you’ll be able to understand Jefferson’s crucial legacy and influence on the United States as we know it, while recognizing that he was a man who held complex beliefs, some of which devalued others.

Events Beyond Tours at Monticello

Our group travel packages involve tours of Monticello, but there’s much more to do and see at this landmark than simply look around. Monticello is always hosting educational and entertaining events for visitors. You may be able to enjoy an afternoon of music while exploring Monticello, or you may choose to bring your children for an interactive archaeological dig. At the end of the day, many of our group vacation participants enjoy visiting the shop at Monticello to find something to commemorate their tour. Whatever interests you about Thomas Jefferson’s historic home, there’s something for you to enjoy.

Partnering with Haymarket Transportation

Some group travel companies are only concerned with getting you to and from your destination. Haymarket Transportation, however, is here for you throughout your group travel tour. Our tours are designed to provide an educational experience that adapts to your group’s needs and interests. Everyone has different preferences, and we believe a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t give everyone the best vacation possible. Besides our world-class tours, we’re proud to maintain a fleet of charter buses operated by highly-skilled drivers. We’ll ensure you get to and from your destination safely, but also with those extra comforts.

Inquire About Group Vacation Packages Today

No matter your preferences for a group vacation, Monticello has something to keep everyone interested. Monticello can be your lone destination, or you can choose to make it just one stop on your tour around the Washington, Virginia, and Maryland historical landmarks. At the close of your trip, we’ll even offer you airport transportation. As you can see, Haymarket Transportation is here for you during your entire trip. From beginning to close, we strive to be a group travel agency you can trust. We’ll work to give you and your group the best experience possible, whether you choose Monticello or another of our exceptional tours. Contact us today to inquire about our group vacation packages.