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If you’re planning a trip to Virginia, you should hire a charter bus that offers Virginia guided tours to Northern Virginia wine country. You and your traveling companions can enjoy a scenic day trip and a winery tour, and even take advantage of some of these other great attractions in the area.



Virginia has more than 200 wineries, and the sightseeing tours offered by educational tour services are a great opportunity to experience all of the beauty that Virginia has to offer. Look for a company that offers customized tours or guided bus tours of the region, as you’ll be able to experience much more than if you visited on your own. Many wineries even offer evening tours and twilight tours. Be sure to book transportation, such as a charter bus, so that you can drink responsibly.


Northern Virginia wine country has a number of prestigious destination restaurants that you can visit while you’re in the area. These restaurants use locally grown ingredients and serve regional beer, wine, and liquor. After your winery tour, stop by one of these high-quality restaurants for a memorable meal.

Historic Attractions

If you’ve booked a sightseeing tour through an educational tour services company, you’ll have a chance to visit some of the fascinating historic attractions in the area. In addition to winery tours, you can stop by historic Civil War sites, such as Aldie Mill, Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park, and Mt. Zion Baptist Church. You can also experience Civil War reenactments and historic lectures at various historic sites in Northern Virginia.

If you’re interested in Virginia guided tours near Washington, D.C., check out our services at Haymarket Transportation, Inc. We’ve been providing winery tours, sightseeing tours, and educational tour services for the past 20 years. Our guided bus tours and charter bus transportation can make your next trip fun and easy. For more information, call us today at 301-778-2007.