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There are several types of large events that require multiple staff to deliver food, direct foot, and vehicle traffic and provide guest transportation. Corporate events, weddings, and large reunions can all take advantage of additional staff. Continue reading to see if your big event may require onsite staffing.

Hall decorated for an event

If the event will have several guests that you must entertain, then book extra staff. This staff can be responsible for directing the evening, serving food, and possibly providing entertainment.
If your event requires many elements—such as varied entertainment, multiple food courses, and raffling events—then additional staff can help move these events seamlessly throughout the evening.
If the event venue is large or requires transportation to and from a parking lot, then you will want driving staff. Professional drivers can shuttle guests back and forth to their cars as needed.

Look to Haymarket Transportation for a variety of services, including event coordination and onsite staffing near Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Let our expert staff work with you to plan an exceptional event. We can also help you customize tours around town for your out-of-town guests. We are available for questions at 301-778-2007.