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Virginia was officially founded in 1607 when the English settled Jamestown near the James River. During the subsequent centuries, the state has played a central role in many defining moments in America’s history, including the American Revolution and the Civil War. A luxury charter bus is the best way to see this beautiful state. Consider adding the following historic sites to your guided tour of Virginia.

Hut surrounded with greenery

Manassas National Battlefield Park

Two separate battles took place in this area during the Civil War. The first was on July 21, 1861, and the second was in August of 1862. The Manassas Battlefield is open daily from dawn to dusk. Groups could easily spend an entire day or longer here, as there’s so much to do and see. There are multiple walking tour options, and there are numerous reenactment events held throughout the year at Henry Hill, Brawner Farm, and the Groveton Confederate Cemetery. Depending on when you go, you might even observe an archaeological dig. One of the more recent digs began when a surgeon’s burial pit was accidentally discovered in 2014.

Mount Vernon

The home of America’s first President is located in Mount Vernon, Virginia. Plan to spend at least three to four hours here. You can take a tour of George Washington’s mansion and explore the four gardens. Washington himself oversaw the design and planting of the beautiful gardens. You can also tour the outbuildings, which is where Washington’s staff performed tasks like spinning, blacksmithing, and laundry. Demonstrations are held at these outbuildings. Another popular attraction at Mount Vernon is the livestock. You can see many of the same breeds that Washington kept, including Dominique chickens, Red Devon cattle, and Ossabaw Island hogs.


Virginia was also home to Thomas Jefferson. Visit Monticello to see the mansion that Jefferson himself designed. Choose from numerous tour options, which examine the house and grounds. Take the Hemings Family Tour to learn about the lives of these slaves. Don’t forget to see the exhibitions and the informative films, and stop by the café to grab a quick lunch before you leave.

During our 20-plus years in business, Haymarket Transportation has built a sterling reputation for providing world-class guided tours in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Our expert trip planners can help you customize your own guided bus tour, or you can choose from our popular routes and destinations. Call 301-778-2007 to request a free quote.