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If you are planning a sightseeing tour or school field trip, then you need to figure out the right size of transportation to accommodate your entire group. There are several options, such as a sedan or charter bus, to suit all situations. Here is a brief look at different vehicles and how many people each can accommodate:

Blue Jeep on road

There are two types of passenger coaches, also known as charter buses. A minibus can fit up to 36 people and includes various entertainment amenities. The largest passenger bus can hold up to 57 people and includes restrooms and luggage storage. These are best used for school field trips and sightseeing tours.
Passenger vans and SUVs can carry between six and 10 people. These vehicles are best used for private tours and airport transportation.
Luxury sedans can hold up to four people for a small group tour or transportation.
Haymarket Transportation has a large fleet of vehicles to accommodate your transportation needs in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Please call us at 301-778-2007 to reserve a vehicle for your upcoming tour or trip.