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Taking a girls’ trip to NYC can be a lot of fun, but before you leave for it, you should plan ahead to make the most of your visit. From booking transportation to finding the best places to eat, there are steps you can take to prepare yourself for the Big Apple. Start by arranging for transportation serving Washington, D.C. to pick you up and take you to New York City. Once that’s done, pack your bag and figure out what else you want to do when you arrive. Here are some helpful tips.

Times Square

Try staying at a hotel that’s not located directly in Times Square.

When most people visit NYC, they book a hotel in Times Square because they assume that that is where they’re going to want to spend most of their time. That may be the case, but you can stay in different parts of the city and still make your way to Times Square in just a few short minutes using public transportation. It will help you save money on a room and encourage you to spend time in other areas of the city.

Reserve seats for a Broadway show before you arrive in NYC.

There are dozens of Broadway and off-Broadway shows you can attend. But if you wait until you’re actually in the city, you may not be able to get tickets to the one you and your friends want to see. Reserve them before you arrive.

Don’t be afraid to eat new types of food.

NYC has something for everyone when it comes to food. Whether you want to have Chinese, Italian, or some other type of food, you will be able to find it. Resist the urge to go to a familiar chain restaurant and instead opt for a type of food you have never tried before. If possible, make a reservation to make sure you and your friends can secure a table.

Haymarket Transportation can take you and your girlfriends to NYC for a fun getaway. You can call us at 301-778-2007 to schedule transportation, sightseeing tours, and more.