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Part of the beauty of living in the US is the rich history we have to soak in, and the nation is only a few hundred years old. Washington DC tours give you a glimpse into that history. Watch this video on presidential funerals.

Almost every president since 1893 has been memorialized by the Washington National Cathedral in some way. Eisenhower, Reagan, and Ford all had state funerals at this location in 1969, 2004, and 2007, respectively. Woodrow Wilson’s official burial service was held here, and there have been memorial services for Harding, Coolidge, FDR, JFK, Truman, and Nixon as well.

The Washington National Cathedral has a lot to offer to history buffs, and so does Haymarket Transportation Inc. You can count on us for guided tours near Washington, DC as well as beach trips and airport pickup, so view our website or call us at 301-778-2007.