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If you’re planning a family vacation and you’ve already figured out your transportation, you can start deciding what kind of sights to see. Visiting an aquarium might fit right into your itinerary, as it has something for everyone in the family. Keep reading to find out what you’ll see at the National Aquarium’s Shark Alley exhibit.

Sharks in the sea


Maryland guided tours can show you things you’ve never seen before, especially if the National Aquarium is on your list of stops. The Shark Alley exhibit is, of course, based around sharks, and you can get to know 3 different species during your visit. The sand tiger shark is like the great white shark in that it represents what people think of when they picture sharks in general. Sandbar sharks can grow to be as long as 8 feet, and they primarily eat fish and other smaller sharks. Nurse sharks usually cling to the bottom of the ocean, but the National Aquarium gives you the chance to see them up close.

Stingraysthat whol

If you’re fascinated by long tails, the roughtail stingray maybe your favorite part of the Shark Alley exhibit. A roughtail stingray’s tail can grow to be more than double the length of its body. It will use it as a weapon if it is threatened, attacked, or accidentally stepped on, but it will otherwise tend to keep to itself. Roughtail stingrays don’t have many predators, which could be due to their venomous tails and their large size.


Ducks have bills, dogs have snouts, and humans have noses. The large-tooth sawfish has a rostrum in the same place, which some people simply call a saw. This kind of fish is actually a ray, and it is easily identified by its rostrum, which has more than a dozen teeth and significantly contributes to the overall length of the fish.

In order to have fun at the National Aquarium, you need a way to get there. Haymarket Transportation Inc. serving Maryland can take you on unforgettable sightseeing tours and even help with hotel transportation. Give us a call at 301-778-2007 or browse our website for more information.