• See the New Solar-Powered Water Wheel at Baltimore’s Harbor

    A visit to Baltimore to see the famous Inner and Outer Harbors is one of the most popular day trips you can take from Washington, D.C. You can easily find a charter bus company serving the area that will take you on the short drive up Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

    Many Maryland guided tours include at stop at the new solar-powered water wheel that automatically cleans trash out of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Watch this video to learn more about this unique, sustainable technology developed by a Baltimore resident.

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  • War Memorials to Visit in DC

    Sightseeing tours in Washington, D.C. , can be organized around a variety of themes. For example, a Presidential Tour might visit the Jefferson Memorial, the FDR Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial. A Smithsonian tour would take you through the various museums on the National Mall. A customized tour that honors veterans and their service to our country would include at least the memorials below.

    National World War Ii Memorial National World War II Memorial

    The National World War II Memorial took three years to build, and it was officially dedicated on April 29, 2004 by President George W. Bush. It stands at the east end of the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall, and includes a central fountain surrounded by granite columns. The Freedom Wall of Gold Stars honors the lives that were lost during the war, and two towering pillars commemorate victories in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters.

    Korean War Veterans Memorial

    Covering 2.2 acres of land southeast of the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial contains a haunting set piece that evokes the realities of war: 19 statues, slightly larger than life size, represent a military squad on patrol. Polished black granite walls stretch out on either side, forming a V that points toward the Lincoln Memorial. At the tip of the V there is a circular Pool of Remembrance, inscribed with data on the numbers of soldiers missing, wounded, killed, and taken prisoner, both from the U.S. and the 22 U.N. countries who sent troops.

    The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    This iconic memorial contains three parts: the Vietnam Women’s Memorial, the Three Soldiers statue, and the powerful Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. On the wall, the names of more than 58,000 soldiers who were killed or remain missing are inscribed across nearly 500 feet of black gabbro rock, with a nearby directory allowing visitors to locate specific names.

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  • The Process of Planning a School Field Trip

    Transportation For School Field Trips

    Planning a school field trip can be intimidating with all of the details that need to be coordinated. The first step is to figure out what the educational goal of the trip is. Ideally, the trip should complement subject matter that is currently being covered in the classroom. For example, a trip to Washington, D.C., could be a great companion to studying the different branches of our government. Once the destination is figured out, it is time to determine all of the logistics. This can include food, whether or not to stay overnight, and more. It is important to hire a reliable transportation company with a good safety record.

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  • Planning a Trip to Old Town Alexandria

    No trip to the Washington, D.C. , area is complete without spending some time in Old Town Alexandria. Located on the shore of the Potomac River, it is a stunning district that juxtaposes modern life against wonderfully preserved historic architecture and scenery. Whether you are on a guided tour or visiting on your own, it is important to see all that this beautiful place has to offer.

    Spend Some Time In Old Town Alexandria

    Delicious Food

    Old Town Alexandria is home to a thriving food scene that includes some of the best restaurants in the country. For those interested in local cuisine, famed restaurant Vermilion is an excellent example of farm-fresh American food done right. If you are looking to have a drink while enjoying a charming view of the Potomac River, consider dining at Virtue Food & Grain. It used to be an 1800’s feed house, but now it serves up tasty food in a fun atmosphere.

    Sophisticated Shopping

    The King Street corridor has been written about in both the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post for its luxurious array of local independent retailers. If you are looking for fashionable clothing, you can find both name brand retailers like Banana Republic and smaller boutiques such as An American in Paris. Furthermore, you will discover a vast selection of gourmet, delectable treats like the cheeses at Cheesetique or desserts at the Artfully Chocolate Bistro.

    Sights & Entertainment

    Beyond the food and shopping, Old Town Alexandria has plenty of activities to do. Consider taking an official tour of the town, such as the late night ghost tour or a trip down the Potomac River. Recognized as the adopted hometown of George Washington, there is plenty of history to explore at Lyceum, Alexandria’s History Museum.

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