• Spotlight on Fort McHenry

    The birthplace of “The Star-Spangled Banner” is a popular destination spot along Maryland guided tours. These charter buses often stop at Fort McHenry and the surrounding park area to give visitors a brief taste of one of the most famous spots in American history. Here is a closer look at Fort McHenry:

    Spotlight on Fort McHenry

    Fort McHenry was first built in 1798 and performed its duty for well over a hundred years until it became a national park in 1925. The fort survived the War of 1812 and the Civil War, as well as other wars and occupations. It was in September 1812 that Francis Scott Key saw a flying American flag over the fort and came up with the idea of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” This song, and the fort in which it was penned, have both survived the test of times, making Fort McHenry a popular tourist destination.

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  • Training Pandas at the National Zoo

    Bei Bei the panda is one of the newest additions to the National Zoo, and his trainers are teaching him some basics moves. Watch the video for a look behind the scenes of a school field trip or DC guided tour to the National Zoo.

    The trainers can only capture Bei Bei’s attention for about 10 or 15 minutes at a time. Similar in age and temperament to a human toddler, Bei Bei has a short attention span and often prefers to play more than anything else. The trainers handle this lack of participation in stride and conduct each lesson for a few minutes at a time.

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  • The Best Shopping Destinations in New York City

    Once transportation has been established for a shopping trip in New York City, the destinations must be determined and mapped out. There are hundreds of shops located all over the city, which can make even a seasoned shopper feel overwhelmed. Continue reading for a brief look at some popular shopping areas found in New York City.

    Learn the best shopping destinations in New York City

    The Lower East Side

    Travelers looking for eclectic shops, designer boutiques, and art galleries are sure to find their way to the Historic Orchard Street Shopping District located on the Lower East Side. When travelers are finished shopping, they can head into a bar for a craft beer and relaxation.


    SoHo has become one of the fashion must-see neighborhoods in New York City . Not only is it host to several name-brand clothing shops, but SoHo brings an Old-World vibe with its architecture and cobblestone streets. If travelers are looking for foreign fashions, they can also find a few different shops that sell clothing from Japan and London.

    Greenwich Village

    Greenwich Village is the perfect shopping destination when looking for original gifts and souvenirs. There are several antique shops, bookstores, and craft shops that hold a variety of merchandise. Travelers can also browse in other shops along Bleecker Street and Hudson Street—both of which are popular destinations found in Greenwich Village.

    Union Square

    One of the most popular areas for shopping, hanging out, and eating would be Union Square. From Union Square, travelers also have easy access to several New York City neighborhoods like Chelsea, Greenwich Village, and the Flatiron District.

    Madison Avenue

    When looking for the pinnacle in class, head to Madison Avenue. Possibly one of the most expensive places to shop, Madison Avenue boasts luxury boutiques and retailers.

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  • Celebrate One of the Greats at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge

    One of country music’s favorite daughters has given her name to a popular theme park for the last 30 years. Dolly Parton’s Dollywood is known the world over as a prime destination spot for families, adolescents, and singles. Find some transportation to Pigeon Forge, and come down to Dollywood right away.

    Dolly Parton’s Dollywood in Pigeon Forge

    Learn Some Dollywood History

    The Dollywood experience has been traced back to 1961, when a small theme park called Rebel Railroad opened in Tennessee. Through the years, the park switched owners and names, but it continued to grow in popularity. In 1986, the current owners went into business with the country singer and actress Dolly Parton. Dolly gave her show business advice and her name, and Dollywood was soon opened. More visitors than ever began to flock to the renamed theme park, and there have been no signs of stopping ever since.

    Enjoy Dozens of Attractions

    There are over 40 different rides and attractions guests can participate in when they visit Dollywood. There are daring roller coasters, tame kiddie rides, and several family-friendly attractions. Dollywood seeks to invite visitors into a look at Smoky Mountain life with historical exhibits, beautiful landscape, and a down-home, country feel. Whether visitors come only for the rides or to partake in the entire experience, they will leave happy and content.

    See Some Dolly Memorabilia

    When the theme park is named for Dolly Parton, it makes sense that she would have some of her personal items on display. Visitors can enter Chasing Rainbows, a small museum that holds dozens of Dolly’s priceless possessions, such as her costumes and awards. Visitors can also see Dolly’s mode of transportation while on the road; her touring bus is available to enter and get a peek into the life of Dolly.

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  • Exploring the Baltimore Harbor

    At Baltimore Harbor, visitors could spend days exploring and still have plenty of new activities to experience. If you’re planning to take a charter bus guided tour in Maryland, then there are several sights to look forward to when you stop by Baltimore Harbor.

    Explore the Baltimore Harbor

    You can start off by taking a cruise along the Inner Harbor. Narrated cruises are offered daily and are a popular choice for families, while evening cruises offer a great nighttime activity that provides a stunning view of the city’s lights. Later, stop by the Maryland Science Center where you can enjoy an IMAX theater and planetarium, or visit the National Aquarium to get an up-close look at marine life.

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  • Take a Peek at the National Aquarium

    Well known for its stunning exhibits and wildlife, the world-famous National Aquarium has something for everyone to enjoy. Watch this video to get a glimpse of what you will experience after stepping off your charter bus at the National Aquarium.

    When you first enter the aquarium, you’ll be greeted by a three-story Chesapeake waterfall which marks the beginning of your tour through three buildings and five levels of breathtaking exhibits. The National Aquarium is home to more than 16,000 animals, including everything from jellyfish and tropical birds to stingrays and sloths.

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  • Can’t Miss Sights in Atlantic City

    Known for its beaches and casinos, Atlantic City is a popular destination with tons to offer. Are you planning to take a charter bus to Atlantic City? If so, then continue reading for a list of sights that should be included in your itinerary.

    Atlantic City is a popular destination with tons to offer

    Atlantic City Beach

    If it’s not the gambling that draws someone to Atlantic City, then it’s usually the sunny beaches. Visitors often remark on how clean and spacious the Atlantic City Beach is, and they stay anywhere from a couple of hours to the whole day. Thanks to the Atlantic’s waves, kids and adults can enjoy boogie boarding and wave jumping, and the level land along the water provides a perfect area for strolling and lounging.

    Atlantic City Boardwalk

    Contrary to what you might assume, the Atlantic City Boardwalk was named after its creator, Alexander Boardman, rather than the planks from which it’s made. This boardwalk has remained a hot spot since it was first built in the 1870s, and it follows the shore for four miles. Along the Atlantic City Boardwalk, you can enjoy bars, shops, games, and restaurants. Also, the Central and Steel piers are both popular destinations for families thanks to their carnival rides. Again, you can expect to stay two hours to half a day at this destination.

    Atlantic City Aquarium

    Later, be sure to spend an afternoon at the Atlantic City Aquarium, located along the Absecon Inlet and featuring a wide range of exhibits that kids will love. At the aquarium, you can see creatures such as moon jellies, iguanas, and piranhas, and you can even touch stingrays, sharks, and coral. Outside of the Atlantic City Aquarium, you can enjoy restaurants, boat rides, and cruises around the harbor.

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  • Charter a Bus to These Hot Broadway Shows

    Are you thinking about taking a charter bus trip with your group, but you are undecided about your destination? If so, then consider a trip to New York City to see a Broadway show. The following are a few hot performances to add to your watch list:

    Charter a Bus to These Hot Broadway Shows


    The Disney movie Aladdin is a favorite for many, and its screen-to-stage adaptation was an instant hit when it first opened in March of 2014. If you can’t help but smile and start singing along whenever you hear “Friend Like Me,” then Aladdin requires a spot on your itinerary. The show remains a favorite to this day and should be a considered a must-see for anyone who loved the screen version.

    Cirque du Soleil Paramour

    If you’ve had the chance to see a Cirque du Soleil show and felt stunned and entranced by the incredible and talented acrobats, then do not miss out on Cirque du Soleil’s Broadway debut. Cirque du Soleil Paramour is a new show that blends musical theater with the amazing acrobatics for which Cirque de Soleil is known.


    When it opened in the fall of 2015, Hamilton was an instant success, and the show belongs on anyone’s must-see list of current Broadway shows. Hamilton depicts founding father Alexander Hamilton’s amazing tale of scandals and triumphs in what has been described as a hip hop masterpiece.


    Blackbird is a play partly inspired by the crimes of sex offender Toby Studebaker. Returning to the New York Stage to star in the Broadway premiere of the play, Jeff Daniels and Michelle Williams star in this Tony award-winning drama. Williams plays a woman who shows up unannounced at the office of an older man (Daniels) with whom she had a relationship when she was 12 years old.

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  • Arranging Transportation for Your Event Attendees

    There are many ways you can arrange the transportation of your event attendees. Whether they are attending a wedding, a corporate event, or are from out of town, it is best to make sure your transportation is established in advance, and your attendees know the plan.

    When you determine where and when your event will be, call your local transportation company to make reservations. Communicate where your attendees will be arriving from so the company can arrange airport or hotel transportation. If you do have out-of-town guests or attendees, consider booking a sightseeing tour for the pleasure of your guests. These many forms of transportation will make your event guests feel appreciated.

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  • A Look at Busch Gardens’ Famed Loch Ness Monster Rollercoaster

    One of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s oldest roller coasters is also one of its most famous: The Loch Ness Monster. It is over 35 years old, and it has seen many events and celebrations. This looped and fast form of rollercoaster transportation continues to gain in popularity because it offers a great experience to everyone who rides.

    As seen in the video, the Loch Ness Monster has been the ride of choice for the 1996 American Olympic team, parachutists, grandparents, and costumed park guests. Whether guests attend Busch Gardens for a day trip or make a weekend of it, they can never leave without riding the Loch Ness Monster at least once.

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