• Visiting Colonial Williamsburg

    When you take a Virginia guided tour, you are likely to visit one of the foundational cities of the American Revolution—Colonial Williamsburg. Sometimes known as the Revolutionary City, Colonial Williamsburg is a popular destination that features various attractions for kids and adults. Let’s take a closer look at what your visit to Colonial Williamsburg may look like.

    Visiting Colonial Williamsburg

    There are various guided and self-guided tours you and your family can enjoy. You can see live demonstrations from working blacksmiths, tailors, and so much more to help you learn how 18 th -century people lived. There are many hands-on activities and museums that your kids may enjoy on a school field trip or a family day trip. To finish off a full day of educational fun, the whole group can enjoy some shopping and dining in one of the historical buildings around town.

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  • Take in an Aerial View of Monticello

    If you wish to see how one of America’s favorite presidents lived, then take a Virginia guided tour to Monticello. This hilltop residence was once home to President Thomas Jefferson, one of America’s Founding Fathers and the third President of the United States. Watch the video to see a beautiful view of Monticello from the air.

    On your Virginia guided tour, you will see many of the Founding Fathers’ gathering places, but Monticello may be one of the most majestic. It features sound and memorable architecture, which once overlooked a 5,000-acre plantation. Monticello is a must-see on any day trip or sightseeing tour.

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  • Choosing a Destination for a School Field Trip

    Whether you choose a D.C. guided tour or another type of educational tour around the Beltway, there are so many destinations for an exciting school field trip. Continue reading to see how you might choose a destination for your students’ next field trip.

    Choosing a School Field Trip destination

    Coordinate with Current Lessons

    A school field trip can be fun for your students, but it is most educational when it coordinates with a current lesson. If your class is learning about America’s presidents, then consider a Presidential tour around Washington, D.C. to see the monuments. If your class is learning about space or biology, then look for educational tour services to the many space and science museums. These establishments often have hands-on exhibits and fun tours that your students and chaperones will enjoy.

    Look for Group Rates

    If you can find destinations that offer group rates or special student rates, then all of your students are likelier to attend the field trip. Often, parents are required to pay for their children to participate in school field trips; if your destination requires a substantial sum, then many parents may not allow their children to attend. Many fun and engaging field trip destinations—such as amusement parks and museums—offer group rates to help children attend an unforgettable school field trip.

    Consider Students’ Ages

    In addition to planning a field trip based on your current curriculum, it is important to plan an age-appropriate trip. For example, a trip to one of the busy Smithsonian museums might be okay with older elementary school or middle school children, but it may be overwhelming to young kindergarteners and first-graders. Consider the age of your students and their maturity levels. Look for appropriate field trip destinations that will broaden their minds, while keeping them engaged and having fun.

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  • Top Attractions in Lancaster, PA

    Lancaster, PA—also known as Amish country—is a couple hours away from destination sites like Philadelphia and New York City. Lancaster has its own history and attractions to offer guests, while feeling far away from the big city. When guests hop on a touring charter bus to the Amish country, they can find top attractions like a science factory, an amusement park, or the living history of the Amish. Here is a look at a few top attractions found in Lancaster, PA:

    Top Attractions in Lancaster, PA

    Dutch Wonderland Family Amusement Park

    Dutch Wonderland is one of the most popular attractions found in Lancaster, PA . This amusement park features 30 rides for family enjoyment, as well as a fun water play area and live entertainment. It has been open and consistently improving for over 50 years as one of the best amusement parks for kids and families.

    Lancaster Science Factory

    The Lancaster Science Factory is a fun and exciting location for families and school field trips. There are numerous hands-on exhibits where children, teenagers, and adults can learn about engineering, technology, and many other realms of science. These exhibits feature experiments, mini-labs, and other learning environments that will entice children and adults to further their curiosity and education.

    Amish Farm and House

    One of the attractions found in Pennsylvania is the Amish community. Entering this community gives people a glimpse into the past and a simpler life. The Amish Farm and House is one of America’s oldest Amish homes. Guests can enjoy an in-depth tour around the house and farm where they will learn about the history and customs of Amish life. Guests can also attend an Amish school and visit a nationally-known Amish woodcarver to purchase original carvings. Guests can also take a bus tour and get a taste of Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine at a nearby Amish restaurant.

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