• Take a Look Inside the Smithsonian’s New African-American Museum

    The National Museum of African-American History and Culture first opened its doors in September 2016. Operated by the Smithsonian Institution, the museum is dedicated to exploring the experience of African-Americans, as reflected in artifacts as diverse as a Bible owned by slave leader Nat Turner, a trumpet owned by jazz legend Louis Armstrong, and Muhammad Ali’s boxing gloves. To learn more about the museum, check out this video.

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  • Group Travel Options in Washington, D.C.

    If you’re planning to go to Washington, D.C. with a group of your friends or family members, you might be wondering what the best way to get around this famous city is. Fortunately, there are a number of convenient transportation options available to you. If you charter a bus, a mini-bus, or a van, you’ll be able to enjoy quick transportation to your destination of choice, whether that’s the International Spy Museum, the Library of Congress, or Arlington National Cemetery. Washington, D.C. is a large city, and there are numerous sights to see, so it’s important to find the most efficient way to get around in order to ensure that you are able to visit every place on your itinerary.

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  • Visiting the Farmer’s Market in Alexandria

    When you are visiting Washington, D.C., one nearby attraction that you can visit via a charter bus or Virginia guided tour is the farmer’s market in Alexandria. This farmer’s market is the oldest in the country and is the perfect place to learn more about the community.

    Watch this video to learn more about the farmer’s market in Alexandria. It is in the Old Town section of the city and is a local tradition. Some vendors have been selling their produce there for generations.

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  • Historical Sites to See in Richmond

    Richmond is an exciting and engaging destination for a charter bus trip to Virginia. The city is packed with both Southern charm and history, and it’s compact enough to explore in a short period of time. As the capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War, Richmond has a wealth of landmarks from that time period, but the city also boasts a great deal of history from Colonial days. Here are some of the sites you may want to put on your itinerary during a Richmond, Virginia guided tour.

    Historic St. John’s Church

    Located in the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond, Historic St. John’s Church welcomes visitors daily. It was in this church that Patrick Henry gave a speech urging for the end of Colonial rule in which he delivered his famous line, “Give me liberty, or give me death.” You can stroll the grounds of the church and go inside to sit in the seats where the crowd listened to Henry’s speech. The church also offers re-enactments of the speed throughout the day.

    Museum and White House of the Confederacy

    The Museum and White House of the Confederacy has the largest collection of artifacts from the Confederacy in the country. The museum presents the history of the Civil War from all angles. There are military re-enactments on the grounds as well. The attraction is not a monument to the Confederacy but rather a historical examination of the period.=

    Edgar Allan Poe Museum

    Richmond was Poe’s hometown. His original house was destroyed in the early 1900s to widen a street, but it has been painstakingly restored nearby and now houses the museum.  It has the most extensive collection in the world of Poe material and is a mecca for people from all over the world.

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  • Checking Out Our Charter Bus Fleet

    Charter Bus

    At Haymarket Transportation, we offer reliable and professional charter bus service in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and beyond. Whether you’re looking for a guided tour for a field trip or wedding transportation for your guests, you’ll find the vehicles you need in our fleet.

    Our charter buses are top quality vehicles designed with the comfort of our passengers in mind. Our vehicles are clean, well-maintained, and always the right temperature inside, no matter the season. They’re ideal for accommodating large groups for sightseeing tours, shopping trips, casino weekends, and much more. Our knowledgeable tour guides are available to help you get the most out of your experience.

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  • Questions to Ask When Booking Your Wedding Transportation

    When it comes to wedding transportation, most people are now thinking beyond the bride and groom. There are benefits to having transportation for at least some of your guests, especially if people are traveling in from out of town for the big day. Some brides and grooms even need transportation for more than one wedding event. In the chaos of planning a wedding, it’s easy to overlook transportation until the last minute, but that will leave you struggling to get the vehicles you need. Instead, put booking transportation on your to-do list, and ask the company you’re considering hiring these questions.

    What vehicles are in your fleet?

    If you are going to book multiple kinds of transportation, then that means you will need multiple kinds of vehicles. It will be much easier for you to manage if the transportation company you hire has all of the types of vehicles you need, so you can stay with a single vendor. Find out if they have charter buses, SUV, limos, and vans, so you can accommodate different group sizes for different events in the wedding. It is also helpful to know if they have late-model vehicles, so that you can rely on them being reliable and presentable.

    What can I expect from the vehicles and drivers?

    With this question, try to determine the level of service that they company will provide. Will all of the vehicles be cleaned inside and out before your wedding? How do they vet their drivers? Hire a company that guarantees you will receive clean vehicles and that has professional drivers whose safety records have been checked, so you can feel confident about the experience that your guests will have.

    What is the planning process like?

    When you’re booking wedding transportation, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Working with a company that provides you with a dedicated contact person who will work on your schedule with you will ensure that none of your requests get lost in the shuffle.

    Haymarket Transportation is an experienced wedding transportation company in Washington, D.C. and can help you with all of your transportation needs. Contact us to discuss your wedding needs by calling (301) 778-2007.

  • A Look at the History of the Antietam National Monument

    The Battle at Antietam, also called the Battle of Sharpsburg, is the bloodiest fight in history on American soil. This Civil War battle changed the tone of the war and led to the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation, and today, you can visit the battlefield with a charter bus on a Maryland guided tour. This historic landmark attracts thousands of visitors every year. Watch this video to learn more about Antietam and what you can see at the battlefield.  

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  • Planning a Private Tour of the Nation’s Capital

    There are endless places to explore in Washington, D.C. that are of major historical and cultural significance. What better way could there be to explore the nation’s capital than with a private tour of the spots that are most important to you? At Haymarket Transportation, we offer private charter bus tours with licensed, professional tour guides to help you get the most out of your Washington, D.C. tour.

    With a private charter tour, you can pick the sites that you most want to see and fully customize the tour to suit your group’s interest. You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do in order to build a private tour. Our licensed tour guides can help you build an itinerary that hits all of the spots that match your interests or plans for your group.  

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  • What to Do on Your First Trip to Myrtle Beach

    Myrtle Beach can be a fun getaway for people of all ages. Families, young adults, couples, and seniors flock to the shores of the Grand Strand beaches for sun, surf, mini golf, and more. A charter bus is the perfect way to get to Myrtle Beach with a group and explore everything that the area has to offer. As you plan your trip, keep these suggestions in mind. 


    Of course the reason most people head to Myrtle Beach is to spend time on the sand. The Myrtle Beach area has miles of white sand and blue water, so even with a high concentration of visitors, it is still easy to find a quiet area to spend the day. Bring a chair to read a book in the sun, grab a boogie board and head for the water, or come out in the early morning to watch the sun rise.  

    Broadway on the Beach 

    Broadway on the Beach has something for everyone in your group, from shopping to restaurants, live shows, and water rides. This attraction is hugely popular with families who are looking for activities that are suitable for all ages, as well as people who came to Myrtle Beach for the shopping. If your charter bus group has varying interests, this place is bound to suit everyone.  

    Miniature Golf 

    Miniature golf is a must in Myrtle Beach. Highway 17, the main road through the area, is lined with mini golf courses on both sides of the street, and they stay busy throughout the day and night. These mini golf courses are also usually in close proximity to another Myrtle Beach staple—the seafood buffet—so you can make a day of it.  

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  • Arranging Airport Pickups with Our Sedan Service

    A successful traveling experience is all about logistics. When you work with Haymarket Transportation, the airport pickup is one issue you won’t have to worry about. Let us handle the details for you. Our airport sedan service includes transportation to and from the airport for you or your out-of-town guests. It’s the perfect way to make your guests feel welcome in an unfamiliar town. Airport transportation via our chauffeured, luxury sedans is also available for traveling employees, important clients and vendors, and out-of-town convention attendees.

    Here at Haymarket Transportation, we prioritize the safety of our passengers above all else. Each of our professional drivers has a flawless driving record, and has been thoroughly background-checked and trained to provide you and your guests with the best possible service.

    To request airport transportation in Washington, D.C., or to inquire about our other transportation services, you can call us at (301) 778-2007. Haymarket Transportation has set the gold standard in luxury transportation.