• What to Do on Your First Trip to Myrtle Beach

    Myrtle Beach can be a fun getaway for people of all ages. Families, young adults, couples, and seniors flock to the shores of the Grand Strand beaches for sun, surf, mini golf, and more. A charter bus is the perfect way to get to Myrtle Beach with a group and explore everything that the area has to offer. As you plan your trip, keep these suggestions in mind. 


    Of course the reason most people head to Myrtle Beach is to spend time on the sand. The Myrtle Beach area has miles of white sand and blue water, so even with a high concentration of visitors, it is still easy to find a quiet area to spend the day. Bring a chair to read a book in the sun, grab a boogie board and head for the water, or come out in the early morning to watch the sun rise.  

    Broadway on the Beach 

    Broadway on the Beach has something for everyone in your group, from shopping to restaurants, live shows, and water rides. This attraction is hugely popular with families who are looking for activities that are suitable for all ages, as well as people who came to Myrtle Beach for the shopping. If your charter bus group has varying interests, this place is bound to suit everyone.  

    Miniature Golf 

    Miniature golf is a must in Myrtle Beach. Highway 17, the main road through the area, is lined with mini golf courses on both sides of the street, and they stay busy throughout the day and night. These mini golf courses are also usually in close proximity to another Myrtle Beach staple—the seafood buffet—so you can make a day of it.  

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  • Arranging Airport Pickups with Our Sedan Service

    A successful traveling experience is all about logistics. When you work with Haymarket Transportation, the airport pickup is one issue you won’t have to worry about. Let us handle the details for you. Our airport sedan service includes transportation to and from the airport for you or your out-of-town guests. It’s the perfect way to make your guests feel welcome in an unfamiliar town. Airport transportation via our chauffeured, luxury sedans is also available for traveling employees, important clients and vendors, and out-of-town convention attendees.

    Here at Haymarket Transportation, we prioritize the safety of our passengers above all else. Each of our professional drivers has a flawless driving record, and has been thoroughly background-checked and trained to provide you and your guests with the best possible service.

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  • What to Expect When You Tour Fort McHenry

    During the War of 1812, Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland played an integral role in halting the British troops. The Battle of Baltimore also served as the inspiration for Francis Scott Key as he wrote what would become the national anthem. Before you climb aboard your charter bus for a guided tour of Fort McHenry, watch the accompanying video to learn what to expect.

    You can walk along the area that served as the main line of defense against the British gunships, and see the original canons used during the war. The American defenders used both 36-lb. and 18-lb. cannonballs.

    Haymarket Transportation is known for our educational tour services in Washington, D.C., but we also provide private tours in Maryland, including Fort McHenry. You can reach us at (301) 778-2007 to discuss our charter bus options.

  • Exploring the History of Virginia on a Guided Tour

    Virginia was officially founded in 1607, when the English settled Jamestown near the James River. During the subsequent centuries, the state has played a central role in many defining moments in America’s history, including the American Revolution and the Civil War. A luxury charter bus is the best way to see this beautiful state. Consider adding the following historic sites to your guided tour of Virginia.

    Manassas National Battlefield Park

    Two separate battles took place in this area during the Civil War. The first was on July 21, 1861, and the second was in August of 1862. The Manassas Battlefield is open daily from dawn to dusk. Groups could easily spend an entire day or longer here, as there’s so much to do and see. There are multiple walking tour options, and there are numerous reenactment events held throughout the year at Henry Hill, Brawner Farm, and the Groveton Confederate Cemetery. Depending on when you go, you might even observe an archaeological dig. One of the more recent digs began when a surgeon’s burial pit was accidentally discovered in 2014.

    Mount Vernon

    The home of America’s first President is located in Mount Vernon, Virginia. Plan to spend at least three to four hours here. You can take a tour of George Washington’s mansion and explore the four gardens. Washington himself oversaw the design and planting of the beautiful gardens. You can also tour the outbuildings, which is where Washington’s staff performed tasks like spinning, blacksmithing, and laundry. Demonstrations are held at these outbuildings. Another popular attraction at Mount Vernon is the livestock. You can see many of the same breeds that Washington kept, including Dominique chickens, Red Devon cattle, and Ossabaw Island hogs.


    Virginia was also home to Thomas Jefferson. Visit Monticello to see the mansion that Jefferson himself designed. Choose from numerous tour options, which examine the house and grounds. Take the Hemings Family Tour to learn about the lives of these slaves. Don’t forget to see the exhibitions and the informative films, and stop by the café to grab a quick lunch before you leave.

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  • Keep Your Field Trip Planning on Track with This Checklist

    School field trips are an exciting break in routine for students, as they have little to worry about besides getting the permission slip signed. But for teachers, field trips can require months of advanced planning. Teachers need to do everything from finding a charter bus to developing an itinerary. All that planning will pay off in spades when you see the inspired faces of your students as they tour a historic site. Use this checklist to help you get started.

    Arrangements to Make

    The first step in planning any school field trip is to have a chat with the school administrator. You’ll need to discuss where you plan to take the kids, how long the trip will last, and what educational value the trip offers. Once you have consent, you can begin making arrangements. You’ll need to make arrangements for:

    • Transportation to and from the site
    • Accommodations, if planning an overnight trip
    • Meals and beverages
    • Site coordination (check the site’s policies on group trips)
    • Chaperones
    • Tour guide
    • Substitute teacher(s) and instructional plan for non-participating students

    And of course, you’ll need to set a date! You’ll also need to:

    • Develop a field trip budget
    • Determine if the site requires the purchase of tickets (check for group discounts)
    • Figure out the cost per student

    Forms to Fill Out

    At least a month or two before the trip, you should begin handing out and collecting forms from students. You’ll need your students to fill out and submit these forms:

    • Permission form signed by parent/guardian
    • Meal request form
    • Allergy/medication/major medical condition notification form
    • Medical waiver form
    • Emergency contact form

    Set a deadline for collecting these forms and the money from each participating student. You should also have emergency contact forms filled out by each of your chaperones. Additionally, you’ll need:

    • Attendance sheet (to bring on the trip to keep track of students)
    • Student passes/tickets
    • List of students attending trip (for faculty’s reference)
    • Total number of absent students (for cafeteria staff’s reference)
    • Handout with final reminders for parents/attending students
    • Handout with trip itinerary for parents/attending students

    For school field trip transportation in Washington, D.C. and throughout the mid-Atlantic region, you can count on Haymarket Transportation. The teachers we work with are often surprised at just how affordable our luxury charter buses are, and our coordinated tour arrangement services make planning field trips a breeze! Call (301) 778-2007.

  • A Look at Our Event Staffing Services

    Haymarket Transportation offers much more than just sightseeing tours. We’re also a full-service event staffing company. Whether you’re hosting one or two out-of-town visitors or you’re planning a large corporate conference, you can count on the trusted employees at Haymarket Transportation to help make it a success!

    Our event coordination services include meet and greets. A courteous and reliable employee will meet your guests at the airport, and provide luxury transportation to the event. Your guests will be impressed that you’ve planned every detail of the event, right down to the airport pick-up. Haymarket Transportation also provides professional event staffing services for major corporate events, like conferences, fundraisers, award ceremonies, and much more.

    Call (301) 778-2007 if you have any questions about our convention transportation, airport meet and greet services, or onsite staffing services available in Washington, D.C. Haymarket Transportation looks forward to helping you make your next event memorable for all the right reasons!

  • Visiting the Poe Museum in Richmond

    The Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia is a must-see attraction for fans of literature and the macabre. It offers a truly immersive experience, allowing visitors to become acquainted with the genius behind the writing. If you’re planning a guided tour of Virginia, watch the accompanying video to get a sense of what you’ll find at the Poe Museum.

    The curator discusses some of the vast selection of artifacts you’ll find at the museum, from Poe’s chair and table to his portraits and first editions. You can also stroll along the Poe-themed garden built as a tribute to him. And if you visit during April through October, you can attend one of the museum’s “Unhappy Hours.”

    Haymarket Transportation invites you to design a custom day trip in Richmond, Washington, D.C., or Maryland. Call (301) 778-2007 to book a guided tour in Virginia today!

  • FAQs About Wedding Charter Buses

    Planning a wedding can feel like a full-time job in itself. There are so many decisions to make—from selecting a venue to finalizing the guest list to picking out floral arrangements. But don’t forget about arranging wedding transportation! In addition to hiring a professional driver and limousine for you and your partner, you may need to charter a private bus for your guests.

    How far ahead should we book a wedding charter bus?

    The sooner, the better. Of course, you’ll need to finalize your wedding date before you can arrange for limos and charter buses. You and your significant other will also need to determine the locations first. Figure out where the wedding ceremony will be and where the reception is to be held. Finalize the guest list and the number of people in the wedding party. Once you have this information, you can contact the wedding transportation company to make plans. Ideally, you should aim to book transportation about six months in advance.

    Should we book a mini bus or a regular size bus?

    The transportation company will explain your fleet options. You may need to choose between booking a 34-seat mini bus and a 55/56-seat passenger bus. You can generally expect both choices to offer similar luxury amenities, like comfortable, reclining seats and entertainment systems. The larger bus should include a restroom, which is something your guests may prefer if there is a long ride between the ceremony venue and the reception site.

    Is there another option for transporting the wedding party?

    If you have just a few too many guests to fit on one or two buses, and you don’t want to rent another bus, you could consider transporting the wedding party separately. Talk to the transportation company about booking a luxury SUV or sedan. If need be, the bride’s and groom’s attendants can ride in separate vehicles.

    Haymarket Transportation will coordinate everything with your wedding planner and all involved parties to ensure that your wedding transportation is flawlessly executed on the big day. Our fleet of luxury vehicles for wedding transportation is available in Washington, D.C., and throughout the Atlantic region. Get started making plans today by calling a helpful representative at (301) 778-2007.


  • Spotlight on the Highlights of Our Presidential Tour

    Every American should visit Washington, D.C. at least once to gain a greater appreciation of the country’s historical struggles and triumphs. But visitors often have trouble deciding exactly which spots to visit in D.C., since there’s too much to pack into one trip! Haymarket Transportation has assembled thoughtfully curated itineraries for your consideration, including our Presidential Tour. Here are just a few of the sites you’ll visit with this premier Washington, D.C. tour package.

    Iwo Jima Memorial

    This memorial is officially called the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial, but most people just refer to it as the Iwo Jima Memorial. It captures the iconic image of the raising of the flag on Mount Suribachi. This image was originally captured by Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal. The historic flag-raising was actually the second such flag-raising on Mt. Suribachi. The first flag was much smaller, and it was captured on film by a different photographer. Six different Marines raised a second, much larger flag—the subject of Rosenthal’s picture and the memorial. After the flag-raising, fighting on Iwo Jima continued for another month.

    World War II Memorial

    Sixteen million members of the U.S. Armed Forces served during World War II, 405,399 of them gave their lives, and countless civilians supported the war effort. They are all honored at the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. It’s hard not to be awe-struck as you enter the grounds of the memorial. The entrance is flanked by 24 bas-relief panels, which tell the story of WWII. Take a moment to reflect at the gold star wall, and check the computerized database for the names of your own family members who may have served during the war.

    National Archives

    The National Archives Building and Museum is another sight you’ll see on the Presidential Tour. The National Archives is responsible for preserving the official records of the government. It also preserves historic military service records. And of course, the Rotunda is home to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

    You can also design your own customized tour of Washington, D.C. Our friendly employees will be happy to offer suggestions to help you plan an inspiring guided tour of D.C. Call Haymarket Transportation at (301) 778-2007 for more details.